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School Reporters film the Queen

By Arran, 13
School Reporter, Banbury School, Oxfordshire

The Queen in Banbury
A woman standing next to me in the crowd with tears in her eyes said: 'She's so tiny, she looks beautiful'
Alice, Banbury School

The reason the Queen and Prince Philip came to Banbury was because of the 400-year charter that Banbury was granted.

She also opened the new Leonard Cheshire Home.

The Queen was wearing a red jacket and a deep-red, long skirt and a matching deep-red hat.

I filmed the Queen outside the town hall, and when she arrived with her police escorts on horses and motorbikes.

I interviewed the Lord Lieutenant and that was good because he told us about his role: He plans the Queen's visits and is always in the same place as the Queen.

I was there for BBC News School Report, and taking part has confirmed my thoughts about wanting to work in the media industry when I finish school.

I felt happy that I saw the Queen for the first time in my life and that we spoke to Prince Philip and made him laugh.

In my opinion, today was fantastic and I would love to do something like this again.

By Alice, 16
School Report mentor, Banbury School, Oxfordshire

The Duke of Edinburgh in Banbury
The Duke of Edinburgh in Banbury

Today on 27 November 2008, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip visited Banbury to celebrate the 400-year charter.

She also opened a care home for the disabled.

With BBC News School Report, we went to watch and film the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they arrived and walked around the excited crowds of Banbury.

Although School Report is for 11 to 14-year-olds, and I am 16, I went along to guide and mentor the younger students in my role as the editor of the Banbury Blazer.

I watched two students film and interview onlookers and document the royal couple, and I could see how excited they were.

I spoke to George about talking to Prince Philip, and he described it as: "The best moment of my life."

It was clear on all of the Year 9 students' faces how proud they were of the opportunity that School Report had given them; I know I would have loved the same opportunity when I was their age.

The Queen looked as elegant as expected in a deep-red coat and matching hat.

A woman standing next to me in the crowd, with tears in her eyes, said: "She's so tiny, she looks beautiful."

Of all the onlookers of today's events, the primary school children were by far the most excited by her Majesty's visit to Banbury.

Waving their union jack flags manically and cheering as her car drove past them, they brought a smile to everyone's faces.

Even the bitter November cold couldn't stop the cheer and spirit of the day, as all around me, in every direction, were smiling faces.

The School Reporters captured the whole event perfectly, and nobody involved with the Queen's visit will ever forget it.

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