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2011 YSPOTY contenders: Sally Brown Q&A

Paralympic athlete Sally Brown
Paralympic sprinter Sally Brown has picked up a pile of medals this year!

Northern Ireland Paralympic athlete Sally Brown won a bronze medal at this year's Paralympic World Championships in New Zealand.

The 16-year-old sprinter also won a silver and two bronze medals at the Paralympic World Cup event in Manchester, in addition to winning a gold and silver medal at the World Junior Championships.

Here are her answers to the questions posed by the School Reporters from Hamble College in Hampshire. And you can find out more about the other nine contenders for the Young Sports Personality of the Year prize here

Q: Do you have to have a special diet for your training? If so, what do you miss most when you're on it

A: Yes, I have to look at what I eat and make sure I'm not eating too much junk but I think the key is to have everything is moderation. The one thing I miss the most is having spoonfuls of Nutella!

Q: If you could have an Olympic or Paralympic ticket for 2012, which event would it be for and why?

A: I would like to go see the women's 400m in the Olympics and men's 100m. The Paralympic basketball would be great to see as well.

Q: Who has been the most important person to get you where you are today?

A: Probably my dad. He is always trekking me around to competitions and training. He has put a lot of time into getting me to places that I need to be and does a lot of the boring stuff like look after my diary and appointments and expenses forms.

Also my mum even though she isn't the one taking me places she is always there for me and helps more with the school side of things.

Q: How do you balance the usual life of a teenager with being a high achiever in sport?

A: I have to make a lot of sacrifices like not going out with friends as much as I used to but I try and juggle it as much as I can.

Q: What would you like to have achieved in 10 years' time?

A: I would like to be gold medallist and world record holder. I would also like to be competing in both able-bodied athletics and para-athletics events for Great Britain as Oscar Pistorius has done this year. That is my ultimate goal.

Q: What do the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics being in London mean to you?

A: There going to be very special to me as they are my first Games and the fact they are in London is going to make them even more special.

Q: If you were not an athlete, what career would you like to pursue?

A: I want to study law or forensic science at university.

Q: What has been the best - and the worst - moments of your sporting career so far?

A: The best is definitely winning the bronze in New Zealand on my senior debut - that was amazing! Also being selected for the Ulster relay team in non-disabled athletics.

My worst is probably getting an injury last season and having to pull out of competitions that I was looking forward to. I also fell once at a race at the Mary Peters track in Belfast. That was very embarrassing!

Q: When did you first realise you wanted a career in your sport and why?

A: I first realised when I was quite young, I think, it was like my dream job as a kid. But I never actually thought it could ever happen!

Q: What is your worst habit?

A: Daydreaming - I'm really bad!

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