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Whitley Academy student sings for Children in Need

Students interviewing
Joan smiles through Georgia's questions in her live interview

School Reporters at Whitley Academy caught up with fellow pupil Joan before she sings in front of the nation on BBC Children in Need.

Joan is one of 10 young people on The Big Performance, who have been practising for the big annual fundraising night on Friday 18 November 2011.

The Big Performance shows the journey of shy children who love to sing and are bought together to form a choir led by Gareth Malone.

As a fellow pupil and former Whitley Academy School Reporter, Joan was happy to be interviewed. She said: "It gives me an idea what to say if I am interviewed again."

Setting up the interview

School Report behind the camera
School Report Jamie managing the set design

The team were led by cameramen Jamie and Darrell under guidance from Miss Nguyen, BBC mentor Rachael Smith and Joan's mum.

Both cameramen worked with the set designers to ensure that both interviewers Georgia and Rhys were in shot.

Jamie took the lead with a count-down and the recording began.

Interviewing Joan

Whitley Academy student sings for BBC School Report

Reporting live, Georgia led the interview with an introduction to Joan and her mother, along with some information on what Joan will do when she is on the Children in Need show. Rhys and Georgia then took their audience through Joan's journey and feelings of singing live to the nation.

"Children in Need itself is a celebrity and I am taking part in it Friday night, I never thought I'd be here right now doing this sort of thing," Joan said.

School Reporters at work
Working the auto-cue during the live interview

Joan was joined by her mum who sat watching proudly as her daughter was interviewed: "These young reporters are very impressive in the way they work" she told BBC mentor Rachael Smith.

When asked about what Joan has learnt during her time on the show she replied: "Just go for it, there's always a chance in life, you can always find your opportunity to do what you want so don't give up."

You can see Joan and the other performers on Children in Need 7pm on BBC One and you can catch up with the show on the CBBC website.

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