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Celebrating achievement at London Youth Games Awards

Zara asks new London Youth Games Hall of Fame inductee Dalton Grant about his sporting career
Zara asked new Hall of Fame inductee, Dalton Grant, about his sporting career

By Zara, Kate and Tharini
From St Marylebone School, London

On 20 September, we had the privilege to attend and report on the annual London Youth Games Hall of Fame and awards event at Lord's cricket ground.

The London Youth Games is a competition for young people in London, involving a variety of popular sports. All the boroughs of London are involved in events throughout the year.

This special event was to celebrate the Games and there were some famous athletes and competitors, Mayors from different parts of London, as well as many students who had taken part in sport and could be future winners.

When we first arrived, we were given a quick tour of the inside area where demonstrations of sports were taken place.

The London 2012 Olympic torch was also on display - a popular photograph opportunity for lots of the guests and athletes!

We found out about different aspects of some sports and the London Youth Games and we interviewed many different people at the event, some who have taken part in the Olympics and some who want to.

After interviewing Denise, a 10-year-old who is the top young table tennis player in the UK, we were surprised and inspired by her self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Zara and Tharini interview table tennis player Denise from Enfield
School Reporters were impressed by young table tennis player Denise

We bumped into Alliana and Diana, students from our school, who play badminton for Westminster borough - they introduced us to the rest of the team and then Richard, the sailing coach for Lambeth told us that they can't even train in their borough as there isn't somewhere suitable for young people to sail so they practise in other places - a bit controversial!

We also spoke to former athlete and Olympic gold medallist Linford Christie. He told us he had competed at the London Youth Games when he was at school and said "they are a stepping stone" for young athletes.

From a former a Olympian to a future one, we also spoke to Amy Oliver. She hopes to compete at London 2012 in archery in the exact venue we were all in!

School Reporters with former sprinter Linford Christie
School Reporters with former sprinter and gold medallist Linford Christie

She said it was "very exciting" to be there and she was looking forward to doing at test event at Lord's in a few weeks.

Once the guests had arrived and seen some of the demonstrations and done interviews they started to head off to the Award ceremony bit of the evening.

Some of the competitors got prizes and former London Youth Games competitor and British high jumper Dalton Grant and skier Chemmy Alcott were made part of the London Youth Games Hall of Fame.

In attending and reporting on this event we've learnt the importance of determination and positivity, and with the Olympics coming to London next year we think the London Youth Games have inspired many to take part!

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