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Reporting on the 2011 International Children's Games

Hamilton College pupils Olivia and Sarah
School Reporters Olivia and Sarah on location at International Children's Games

The recent International Children's Games in Lanarkshire provided a great opportunity for School Reporters to get out and test their reporting skills for real.

Students from Taylor High School and Hamilton College rose to the occasion with some great reporting on location, learning all about the challenges of researching, interviewing and how to get their material back to the office to be published!

Here is School Reporter Sarah's account of the experience:

By Sarah, 12
Hamilton College, Lanarkshire

My friend Olivia and I got a chance to try out our reporting skills and discover what it's like to to be a journalist at a live sporting event, reporting for BBC News School Report.

The whole experience had it ups and downs, for example the main technical issue was trying to send photos to the School Report website in London. We managed in the morning after the golf, but then my iPod email stopped working and we had to find a way round that!

It's worth noting that if you're at an event, how are you going to send any material from that venue if they/you don't have wi-fi!

The best parts were getting to talk to all the athletes from other countries and getting exclusive access to the events.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I maybe hope for a career in journalism and the BBC in the future.

Timetable of our three days:

Wednesday 2 August: Arrived at BBC Scotland - looked at the official programme and schedule of events, where they were being held and what we could cover each day, allowing time for travelling in between.

Wrote a list of seven questions (which would fit on one page) and printed out lots of copies to have on our School Report clipboard.

Made a note of how many athletes were taking part in each of the sports we were covering - and which countries they were from. We were trying to familiarise ourselves so we could look out for any athletes we knew of, and any from unusual countries.

We were contacted by Radio Scotland's Sport Nation who were also going to be doing a piece on the Games - we filled them in on our plans and we exchanged mobile numbers.

Headed over to the International Children's Games press office situation in a cabin beside the sailing venue. We met the press officer and she gave us our media passes.

Thursday 3 August: The practice day - we thought this would be a good chance to interview athletes who might be a bit more relaxed in speaking to us.

Despite the pouring rain, we went to the golf event to catch some of the golfers who were teeing off at 9am. Texted the School Report website to say where we were.

We were given a schedule of when each team was due to 'check in' and we looked to see who we could speak to either in the club house or at the practice green. Everyone was very friendly and willing to speak to us.

Sent photos/text before heading off to the tennis venue (and have some lunch!).

Arrived at the event to find hundreds of athletes and their coaches/families in the venue.

School Reporters were trackside to see some of the athletics competition.
School Reporters were trackside to see some of the athletics competition.

We then headed onto the courts to do interviews with both local tennis players and a range from other countries - great buzz in the venue. Team Bangkok from Thailand were so keen to get our photos too.

We tried to find countries that we hadn't featured - but who could speak English too!

Sent more photos/text to website in order for them to get published before the end of the day. Then we heard from Radio Scotland that they were coming to the tennis to speak to athletes and also us!

They were late in arriving so had missed some of the athletes however we managed to set up an interview with Mhairi Hendry, the face of the games at the opening ceremony that night.

We were delighted to see some of our work on the School Report website!

Friday 4 August: It was a lovely day so we headed up to the athletics venue in East Kilbride - we got a schedule of events and were told where we were allowed to stand - beside spectators and athletes before they were called.

We thought this wasn't so great at first however we bumped right into Mhairi Hendry and then Ashleigh Anderson - so it turned out a good spot.

Again lots of excitement and nationalities. We thought we would try to get some Jamaicans but realised they hadn't come.

But we did get a quick chat with one of the football coaches from Daegu in South Korea which is holding next year's International Children's Games.

At 12.30 it was lunchtime for the athletes so we headed off to send more photos/text to the website.

Lastly we phoned the golf club but they had finished so decided to head back to the tennis to see how play was going - we bumped straight into one of team Lanarkshire's dad's who updated us on all the morning's action - which we then emailed before heading onto the courts to catch the rest of the afternoon's action.

Another non-stop day of sport reporting done!

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