World News for Schools:Fri 1 July

Hi there, I'm Leah from BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 1st of July.

Coming up:

  • Canada gives a royal welcome to William and Kate,
  • The mystery around Venezuela's President is revealed
  • And China opens the world's longest sea bridge!

But first thousands of cheering fans lined the streets to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - better known as Prince William and Kate - on their trip to Canada. They'll spend 9 days there on their first official overseas trip. They've got lots to pack in - celebrating Canada's national day, racing dragon boats, opening a rodeo show and even taking part in a cooking class. William spoke to a very excited crowd in the capital city Ottawa, talking in both English and French, the other language spoken there...

CLIP:"(In French) We begin today our first official tour together. We will be accompanied by the great family of Canadians. (In English) It will improve as we go on!"

Canada's an important place for the royal pair - it's a Commonwealth country, and one day they'll become its King and Queen.

To another royal couple now, and the place they live in might be tiny, but the celebrations are going to be huge. Prince Albert of Monaco marries a former Olympic swimmer this weekend. Monaco is a small state, just 2 kilometres square, on the south coast of France. It's famous for its rich residents and the Monaco Grand Prix. Crowds are gathered there too, to try and catch a glimpse of the Prince, and his bride, South African Charlene Wittstock...

CLIP:'' They're a beautiful couple together. It's beautiful. They are great together, it's all a great pleasure to see."

Staying in Europe, yesterday we asked you how many tennis Grand Slam singles titles has Swiss star Roger Federer won?

And the answer is...

A massive 16!

Over to Venezuela in South America and the mystery around the country's President, Hugo Chavez. Three weeks ago he went to nearby Cuba for an operation, but didn't return. Many people were worried he was seriously ill. But he's now explained all. He'd been recovering after a second operation, this time to remove a cancerous tumour. He's still having treatment though, and didn't say when he'd return to Venezuela. People there are hoping he'll be back by Tuesday, when the country celebrates 200 years of independence.

To Australia now and people in Sydney are being offered money to move out to rural areas. It's to try and ease over-crowding in the city, where almost a quarter of the population live. They'll get $7,500 if they choose to go.

Finally China has opened the world's longest sea bridge. It's a whopping 42 km long - 4 km longer than the previous record holder, a bridge in America. But it wasn't cheap - its said to have cost over $1.5 billion and took four years to build. The bridge is open to drivers and is expected to carry more than 30,000 cars a day.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back on Monday.


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