World News for Schools:Mon 20 Jun

Hi there, I'm Ricky from BBC World News for Schools. It's Monday the 20th of June.

Coming up:

  • Brazil cracks down on crime,
  • Millions of people affected by floods in China
  • And fans camp out to grab tickets for Wimbledon - which starts today!

But first to Syria in the Middle East, where president, Bashar Al-Assad, has spoken to his nation. It's only the third time he's done this since protests in the country began in March. Protestors want political change but there's been a crackdown against them by the Syrian security forces. More than 10,000 people have crossed to Turkey to get away from the conflict. But President Bashar Al-Assad has urged the refugees to return home and expressed his regret at the deaths of protestors.

In Brazil, police have started a fresh crackdown on crime ahead of the 2014 football World Cup which the country will be hosting. 800 officers moved into one of the biggest slums in the city of Rio de Janeiro, near the Maracana stadium, where the World Cup final will be played. It's home to a million people and most co-operated with the police operation, because they too want to rid the area of criminals and have a peaceful life:

CLIP:"The hope we have is to have privacy. To have the right to go and come and that the children can have peace and quiet."

In China, official figures now say more than five million people have been affected by floods in the east of the country. Nearly 1,000 businesses have been disrupted and crops destroyed. This month's flooding is the worst in over 50 years and it comes after months of drought in the centre and north of China. Troops are getting ready to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people.

Now for some sport news and golf has a new star. Rory McIlroy has been crowned US Open champion. The 22-year-old from the UK is the youngest player to win the trophy in nearly 90 years. It was a great comeback after a bad few months for the golfer and Rory can't believe it:

CLIP:"Just to be able to call yourself a Major champion, I don't think it's quite sunk in yet, but it's a great feeling."

And he's a hero back in his home town in Northern Ireland:

CLIP:"Inspirational is all you can say, a global phenomenon. And we're all so excited and so proud of him."

The battle for Wimbledon glory starts today. Fans keen to get a ticket have been camping out near the tennis tournament courts. Lots are eager to see British star Andy Murray play, who's ranked number four in the world. But does a home crowd add to the pressure on him? Here's what Andy had to say:

CLIP:"In terms of having home support, in every other sport people look at it as a positive, but for some reason in tennis people think there is so much extra pressure on you, which isn't the case, and it makes a big difference."

Finally for today's question we want to know about Brazil. We know the country will be hosting the 2014 football World Cup, but which other huge world sporting event will Brazil be hosting in 2016?

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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