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School Report: Euston we have problems!

A rocket being launched into the sky
Dinnington School's rocket is launched into the sky.

By Corey, 14
From Dinnington Comprehensive School, Sheffield

A group of Dinnington comprehensive students embarked on a mission to get into the top ranks of a UK Aerospace rocket competition, where firing an egg inside a rocket a certain distance into the sky meant a cash prize.

The Dinnington team of rocketeers, who call themselves "Euston we have a problem" got through to the finals after they achieved a remarkable result in the qualifying competition.

Four students indoors at the rocket competition.
The 'Euston we have problems' team check out the competition

The team consisted of five students; Richard, Corey, Samantha, Ronan and Aaron. They worked on making the rocket the best it could be before they boarded the minibus and set off on their journey to Leicester to compete against the best rocket teams in Britain.

The team stopped overnight in a hotel, but make no mistake, relaxing was not an option. On arriving, the team were briefed by the organisers along with the other competing teams.

Late night

The Dinnington team worked into the night on their presentation.

Early next morning the team got everything together and headed to Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. On arriving, the presentations and display boards were set up to allow each team to focus on their rockets. Dinnington were the first to fly.

'Houston, we have a problem'
On 14 April 1970 the crew on board the US Apollo 13 moon flight reported a problem back to their base in Houston

On returning to the marquee, the team discussed their flight with VIP guests, one of which was Daniel Jubb, designer of the Bloodhound Shelby Super Cars (SSC).

As the results came through, Dinnington sat in anticipation….. the team came third overall. Third prize was £250 along with a trophy.

The team are getting better every year and the team hope to eventually win the UK finals.

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