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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 27th of May.

Coming up:

  • The secret to becoming a star footy player.
  • A 16 year old boy smashes 7 peaks record.
  • And the latest on those XFactor rumours.

But first, one the world's most wanted men has been captured and is set to go on trial. Ratko Mladic is accused of ordering the worst single atrocity in Europe since World War II - the killing of 7,500 men and boys in the town of Srebrenica, in Bosnia. It happened during the Bosnian war which took place in the early 90's. Mladic has managed to escape the authorities for sixteen years, but now after all this time it's hoped he will finally go to court.

Now, footy fans everywhere will be gearing up for THE game of the year - the Champion's League Final. Just one of the massive stars on the pitch is the South Korean player Park Ji Sung. Football didn't used to be that big in South Korea but Park's changed all that. So what's made him so good? The BBC 's been speaking to his dad...

CLIP: "from a young age he was underprivileged - not rich, physically small and that's what made him try harder."

And yesterday we asked you what team Barcelona are facing in the final? And the answer is....Manchester United of course.

The fastest man in the world was back on the track last night for the first time in nine months. After a poor start Usain Bolt still managed to finish first in the one hundred metres in Rome...

CLIP: "Powell is looking strong, Bolt tries to close, and Bolt gets there on the line in 9.91 seconds."

Afterwards he said it was a bad race but he was glad to be back.

More news now and a 16 year old boy has become the youngest person in the world to scale the highest mountains in every continent. George Atkinson, who's from London, began the Seven Summits Challenge by scaling Kilimanjaro in 2005 and completed it by reaching the top of Mount Everest on Thursday.

And finally, we've been getting the latest on those rumours that British pop star Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the US XFactor. There's speculation that TV bosses decided Americans would struggle to understand her accent, but others are saying she didn't get along with her co-judge Paula Abdul. The singer Sinitta's a close friend of Simon Cowell, here's what she had to say...

CLIP: "Where as Cheryl's like the nation's sweetheart here, Paula is America's sweetheart. So I think the fans there were very exited about the Simon/ Paula reunion. I think they're quite possessive about that relationship, but again I don't think the network would base any decisions or anything on that."

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We've got a holiday on Monday, but we'll be back with you on Tuesday with all the big stories. Before we go we want to say a big hello to Kazuya who got in touch from Japan. Thanks so much for your lovely e-mail. Bye for now!


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