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School Reporters 'Get Set' for London 2012 tickets

School Reporters interviewing Lord Coe
Lord Coe talked about preparations for the Games with School Reporters

by Joseph, 12, and Rory, 12
School Reporters from Finchley Catholic High School, North London

Today we were at a press conference at The Compton School in North London with Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, and Lord Coe, Chair of London 2012.

They were launching 'Ticketshare', a scheme to give free Olympic and Paralympics tickets to schoolchildren. There will be 125,000 tickets to share with schools in London and 50,000 around the rest of the UK.

To ensure that they are ready to claim their free tickets, schools around the UK must sign up to the Get Set, the London 2012 education programme.

Boris Johnson said that it would allow one schoolchild in eight in London to come to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which was "very exciting".

He added that the whole range of games would be on offer from heats to finals.

'Dish them out'

So how can we be sure that it will be fair?

Mr Johnson said: "Each school will be allowed an allocation depending on how big the school is, and then we're leaving it up to the schools to decide how to dish them out!"

We also got to talk to Lord Coe, who was formerly an Olympic athlete, and asked what was the difference between competing in and organising the Games. He said there were differences but many similarities as well. The preparations for both work in four-yearly cycles!

School Reporters interviewing Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson spoke to School Reporters about how young people can get tickets

Dream event

Joseph asked: "If I could see any event it would be the 100m Men's final. What would yours be?"

Lord Coe said he was biased but that his dream event would be the Men's 1500m final, because that is the race he used to run.

It's been a good experience for both of us and we are going to encourage our school to sign up to Get Set Network!

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