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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 13th of May.

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Wild animals are found in one man's suitcase.

CLIP: "They guy had a virtual zoo in his suitcases, checked in."

A snail's pace marathon attempt.

And Pirates of the Caribbean' stars come to London!

But first to Pakistan where at least eighty people have been killed after two bombs exploded in the north west of the country. The Pakistani Taliban said they carried out the bombing in revenge for the killing of Osama bin Laden in a US raid earlier this month. Most of the people who died were training to be policemen. Police are often the targets of militant attacks because they - along with foreign forces and the Pakistani army - are meant to be trying to stamp out extremist groups like the Taliban.

Next, two leopards, two panthers, a bear and two monkeys - that is what officials at a Thailand airport found hidden in one passenger's luggage! The baby animals, which were all under two months old, had been drugged and put in cages in the man's suitcases. The suspect was trying to board a flight from Bangkok to Dubai when police, who had been following him in an undercover operation, arrested him. Steven Galster, from the animal charity Freeland, was there....

CLIP: "This was a very sophisticated undercover operation by the Thai police, to have followed him to the airport, caught him. He didn't see what was happening, he didn't see it coming."

Next to Japan, where concern over future earthquakes has led the authorities to shut down one of its older nuclear plants. The Hamaoka plant is pretty close to Japan's capital city Tokyo, but it's also close to a tectonic fault line - where earthquakes can occur. After the massive disaster at Fukishima, the government don't want to take any chances.

Ok check this out - a man dressed in a nine foot snail costume has just completed the London marathon, and it took him an extremely sluggish 26 days! Lloyd Scott averaged one mile a day, but to be fair he was crawling along on his stomach. Sounds pretty uncomfortable, but it was all for a good cause...

CLIP: "Yeah it was very difficult. I had consistent nose bleeds...I kept being sick in the snail, I even slept in the snail as well. All really for such a fantastic charity. I mean it's the children who are here today that have been foremost on my mind and have been driving me forward."

And finally, London hosted the UK premiere of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night. All the celebs were in town, including THE star of the show Johnny Depp AKA Captain Jack Sparrow. And all you Pirates fans will be happy to know that latest film doesn't look like the end of the line...

CLIP: "I don't know what the situation of five would be just yet, but I do know that we are talking about it. Yeah, I think there's till plenty of room to manoeuvre."

Finally, we have the answer to yesterday's question. We asked you what mountain range Mount Everest belongs to, and the answer is....the Himalayas!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back on Monday. Just before we go we want to say a massive shout out to all the 8th Graders at the American International School in Dhaka - thanks for e-mailing in guys! And if you want to get in touch the address is


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