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Hi there, I'm Sonali from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Tuesday the 19th of April.

Coming up:

  • Ricky meets a record breaking sailor.
  • The cat that sailed to Australia.
  • And Justin Bieber loses top Youtube spot to Rebecca Black!

But first to Syria where witnesses say security forces have been firing at a big group of demonstrators...

CLIP: FX of demonstrators

Around twenty-thousand protestors have taken over the main square in the city of Homs. They're calling for the President to quit, but the government say the protestors are just religious extremists who want to take control. So far, human rights groups say 200 people have been killed.

Next, thousands of people have fled their homes in northern Nigeria after clashes following the re-election of the President, Goodluck Jonathan. In some towns residents slept in police stations for safety. Supporters of the opposition are angry because they say the election wasn't fair. The President has called for an end to the violence

Next, to the record breaking sailor who's navigated her way around the world not once, not twice, but three times! Dee Caffari is finally back on dry land after spending 102 days at sea and our Ricky's been to meet her...

CLIP: "For 102 days we didn't sleep through a normal sleep pattern. We don't have day time and night time, we have just a watch system. Suddenly you come back and have a day when you spend all day awake, and then you're expected to go to sleep all night, and my body hasn't quite adjusted so I slept for about three hours on the first night."

And Dee isn't the only one with a passion for the high seas. A cat has been discovered onboard a boat, 18 days after it went missing from its New Zealand home. It seems Douglas got trapped in a container that was bound for Australia. It was Emma Cook who discovered the puss...

CLIP: "We were almost finished. It was probably about half an hour into the unpacking and he just popped up. He looked totally calm."

You'll be glad to know he's back safe and sound now.

And for today's question we want to know the name of the sea that separates New Zealand from Australia? Yesterday we asked you what type of lemur is comparable to a gorilla in size. The answer is ....A sloth lemur!

Quick footy update now and the pressure is on Manchester United tonight. They need a win against Newcastle to go 9 points clear in the Premier League, and Newcastle's manager Alan Pardew says they'll do their best to deny them a victory...

CLIP: "All the pressure is on Manchester United. So for us we can go out there and have a go, and I promise the Newcastle faithful we'll have a go."

Justin Bieber has lost his king of YouTube crown to Rebecca Black. Justin usually comes out on top as the most watched star on YouTube, but according to the website 'Famecount' Rebecca's topped the Beebster with almost 112 million views.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow with all the big stories for you. Bye for now.


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