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Hi there, I'm Leah from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Thursday the 31st of March.

Coming up:

  • A space tourism exclusive.
  • Sachin Tendulkar talks about Saturday's cricket final.
  • And the world's loudest cat?

First, time for a world exclusive! For a lucky few, a sightseeing trip into space will soon become reality. The BBC's Richard Scott has travelled all the way to the Mojavi Desert in America, to become the first journalist on the planet to be let into the spaceship. He even met the pilot!

CLIP: "Seeing a new vehicle that will some day be taking commercial passengers into space and allowing the popuation at large to experience space travel is just tremendously exiting."

Next, 1.21 billion - that's the number of people living in India according to the latest census. That means there are 181 million more people than there were a decade ago. That's more than the population of Pakistan! At the rate India is going, it's set to overtake China as the most populous country within twenty years.

The other massive story in India is of course the cricket. Fan's have been celebrating yesterday's World Cup semi-final victory over Pakistan. Sachin Tendulkar was named man of the match. The star player is only only one away from his 100th century for India but will that be playing on his mind when India play Sri Lanka on Saturday?

CLIP: "No it's not about my individual goals, it's about the team's performance and you know winning matches, and I will continue to say that in the next match as well. While doing that If I get 100, wonderful, but the most important thing is to win."

And for today's question we want to know who won the last Cricket World Cup? Yesterday, we asked you who Pakistan's Prime Minister is and the answer is....Yousuf Raza Gilani.

Before we go check this out....

CLIP: Purring

That is the sound of the cat who hopes to be crowned the world's loudest purrer! Yep, Smokey - who's from England - can reach 73 decibels - sixteen times louder than an average cat. Her owners say she drowns out the TV and neighbours mistake the noise for a tumble drier. Scientists have measured Smokey's purr and sent the results off to see if she's a record breaker. Good luck with that Smokey!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We just have time to say a big shout out to all the kids in Grade 3 at the International school of IITA in Ibadan, Nigeria, and to Catherine and Alexander who e-mailed us all the way from Beijing in China. If you want to e-mail us, the address is Bye for now!


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