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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Wednesday the 23rd of March.

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  • The school boy who's attempting a record breaking arctic trek.
  • A top U.S. baseball star is on trial.
  • And meet the 9 year old rapper who's taking New York by storm!

First, In Tokyo people are being told not to give babies tap water, in case it's poisoned with radiation. Officials say levels of radiation are twice what's recommended to be safe. This mum says she's not sure how she'll cope...

CLIP: "I think there will be lot of shortage of water again and we have to think of how we keep our food and daily meals safe."

Meanwhile, people living near the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant have also been told some vegetables aren't safe to eat. Workers are doing what they can to get the nuclear reactors under control but worsening conditions at the plant means the work has had to be put off.

And if you are in Japan and want to let us know how things are for you. You can e-mail us at

Now, to a quick update from Libya where the leader, Colonel Gaddafi has gone on TV to say that he'll never surrender as Libya's leader. It was the first time he's spoken since U.S. and European jets launched air strikes against his troops. The planes are trying to stop Colonel Gaddafi attacking his own people.

Next, how would you fancy walking nearly 130 kilometres in temperatures of minus 50 degrees? Well that's what 16 year old Parker is planning to do next month. If he manages it, he should get his name into the record books but it's a risky business...

Clip: One of them is the risk of a polar bear attack. Probably the main danger is open water. You end up trying to cross any area of very thin ice and you fall through."

And for today's question we want to know which is colder the North Pole or the South Pole? Yesterday, we asked you what the official length of a full marathon is? And the answer is.....42.195 kilometres!

More news now and one of America's top baseball stars is in court. Barry Bonds Is accused of taking drugs to improve his performance, and then lying about it in court, but the player says he's not guilty.

Cricket news and Pakistan will need just 113 runs to become the first side through to the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup. They've bowled the West Indies out for 112 in Dhaka, with six and a half overs to spare.

And finally, when you think of the big stars on the hip-hop scene, the last thing that comes to mind is a 9 year old girl. But it seems school girl, Priscilla, aka P-Star is taking the New York rapping scene by storm. Here she is performing at a New York club...

CLIP: FX of P-Star

And if you're thinking that it's more than a little unusual to have a 9 year old performing in a club, it might have something to do with the fact that her dad Jesse Diaz used to be a big hip hop star himself!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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