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School Report 2011: Hat-trick of stars for students

Reporters from Waddeson School in Buckinghamshire
Waddeson students jumped at the chance to be School Reporters

An actress, snowboarder and boy band notched up a notable treble for students at one school.

The pupils at Waddesdon School in Buckinghamshire did not have to travel far to find some star interviewees.

A trio of current and former pupils were quizzed for BBC School Report, where young people make the news:

  • Actress - Georgia Lock, 12, plays the lead character in the hit CBBC series Me Sadie J
  • Snowboarder - Becky Menday, 12, is one of the country's top young female winter sports athletes
  • Band - This is Freedom, former Waddeson pupils whose song Bad Company features in the opening credits for the new ski film Chalet Girl

Student Lissie, 13, said Georgia was known as 'the next Tracey Beaker' at school in reference to the popular children's character.

"In Sadie J, she plays a girl who has grown up without a mum, with her dad and brothers, in a boy's world and she's good with things like cars and mechanics," said Lizzie.

"Georgia's still at the school. She goes off sometimes to do filming, premieres and red carpet stuff, but it's not all about that. She talked about other things as well."

Becky is among the top 60 snowboarders in the world.

Georgia Lock plays Sadie J
Sadie J is broadcast on CBBC on Fridays

"Her dad started snowboarding as a hobby at Snowzone in Milton Keynes, but he wasn't very good," said Lissie.

"She started when she was eight, has got a sponsor, and has done well at loads of things. I went to Aylesbury College, where she does some trampolining as part of her training, for filming and an interview."

Proving there is snow business like showbusiness, the third part of the star Waddesdon treble is This is Freedom, consisting of former students Henry, Ben, Dan and JJ.

"Some of them went to college, and some finished upper sixth here last year. They met up after school and sent off a CD to the producers of the film, and they really liked the song," said Lissie.

"We did a phone interview with them. It was a bit embarrassing as no-one came forward to do it, so I volunteered."

But it has not all been entertainment, with 14-year-old Joseph learning that great journalistic skill of seeing the other side of a story as he examined plans for HS2, a high-speed rail link between London and the Midlands.

"The line goes right through Waddesdon and those people who are against it say it will ruin the countryside and be very noisy," said Joseph.

"But one of my teachers who lives where it's going to be pointed out some people might think it was a good thing as it would be investing in Britain's future and would help bring down congestion on the roads.

"It's good to get another point of view."

Joseph said he had enjoyed the project, although admitted it had been "stressful" during the latter stages as the deadline approached.

Teacher Melinda said the students had thrown themselves into School Report.

"We really encourage performance at the school and everyone is encouraged to succeed," she said.

"This is Freedom will hopefully get a break with Chalet Girl. I think they are coming to perform at the school in a few week's time."



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