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Hi there, I'm Ore from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Monday the 21st of March.

Coming up:

  • Foreign forces fire missiles in Libya.
  • Chelsea move to third place in the Premier League.
  • And the 13 year old YouTube sensation!

But first, America, the UK and France have been involved in air strikes over Libya for a second night. They say they're trying to protect civilians from being attacked by Colonel Gaddafi's forces. For weeks now Gaddafi has been violently putting down anti-government rebels who want him to quit, but last week the United Nations decided action had to be taken against the leader. Ban Ki Moon is the head of the UN...

CLIP: "Now it is important that the international community speaks with one voice...Thousands of lives are at stake, we could see a further humanitarian emergency."

The big challenge for foreign forces is to crack down on Gaddafi's army without hurting, or even killing civilians. It's not clear how many people have died in the weekend's air strikes. Libyan officials say 64 have been killed, but it's hard to confirm the number.

Next, officials at the damaged nuclear power plant in Japan say they're slowly getting radiation leaks under control, but people have been worried by sightings of grey smoke billowing out of one of the reactors. A spokesperson for Japan's Prime Minister says the smoke is not something to be alarmed about...

CLIP: "We are following the current situation very closely but as of now, we don't think there is a worsening of the situation for unit number three."

Officials need to get the cooling systems working again, but so far that's not happened. Meanwhile, the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami has risen to 8,450, and nearly 13,000 people are still missing.

Quick update from Egypt now where the country has taken a big step towards holding the first free elections in years. For decades the country was ruled by the Hosni Mubarak, with the people having no real chance to vote him out. That was until massive demonstrations forced the leader to quit last month. Now, more than 18 million Egyptians have voted for a new constitution that, among other things, will stop any leader from ever staying in power for that long again.

Footy now and Chelsea's 2-0 win over Man City has put them into third place in the Premier League. They're still nine points behind Manchester United, but Chelsea goalie Petr Cech says they're still in the race...

CLIP: "We're going to keep pushing with United all the way, and let's see what's going to happen. As I say, there's plenty of games to be played, plenty of points to be won."

And today's question is all about footy. We want to know which country has lost the World Cup final the most times?

And finally, to the 13 year old school girl who's taking the internet by storm! Rebecca Black has become a online sensation after her parents paid for her to record a pop song. The track, Friday, has been watched by an enormous 29 million people - and on top of that it's reached number 25 in the iTunes chart!

OK, that's all we've got time for. We're back tomorrow.


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