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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Wednesday the 9th of March.

Coming up:

  • Barcelona put Arsenal out of the Champions League.
  • Millions of fish swamp California marina.
  • And multi-million dollar jewels are found in a Paris sewer!

But first, for the second year in a row there's a big increase in the number of children being killed by the fighting in Afghanistan. It's part of an overall rise on the number of Afghan civilians dying. The Taliban and other militants were responsible for most of the killings, but some were also caused by foreign NATO troops who have been fighting a war in Afghanistan for 10 years now.

OK, moving on now to some sports news and what a night for Barcelona! The Spanish giants managed to knock Arsenal out of the Champions League, beating the Gunners 3-1! But the game left Arsenal reeling after a controversial decision by the ref saw Robin van Persie sent off at a crucial point in the game...

CLIP: "It's the second yellow. Van Persie's been sent off. Oh for goodness sake, that's the last thing Arsenal needed."

And at the Cricket World Cup, New Zealand will be celebrating their incredible performance against Pakistan. The Kiwi's scored 92 runs in their last 4 overs, to win the match by 110 runs. Pakistan Captain, Shahid Afridi says they've got to learn from their mistakes...

CLIP: "We didn't field well, we missed opportunities. But, I'm totally confident in my team, and I'm confident myself that definitely we are not going to repeat this performance."

To China now, where top government experts are warning that too many people are breathing polluted air. Officials say one-in-three people living in China's cities and towns breathe unclean air. They also say a lot of waste isn't being disposed of safely. With loads of factories fuelling China's economic growth, the effect on the environment has become a big worry.

Now imagine how surprised people living in Redondo Beach, California were when they came across a million dead sardines floating in the marina. Local environmental official Andrew Hughan says they probably died due to lack of oxygen...

CLIP: "You know, there's rough weather, potential predators, things that may have chased them in here. Huge numbers of fish here in the harbour, the sun goes down so there's no photosynthesis going on. So, there's no oxygen being created and there's just the fish consuming the oxygen. So, when they consume it all, it's all gone and they basically suffocate."

And finally, police in Paris have just uncovered nearly 20 million dollars worth of stolen jewels in a Paris sewer! The nineteen rings and three sets of earrings were part of a massive heist from a luxury jewellers in 2008. It seems the robbers went to great lengths to hide them. The jewels were found concealed in a plastic container, set in a cement mould and stuffed inside a drain!

And today's question is all about precious jewels. We want to know where you would find the biggest polished diamond in the world? Yesterday, we asked you what the proper name is for an adult female elephant? And the answer is...believe it or not, a cow!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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