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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Wednesday the 2nd of March.

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  • Japanese boyband's in trouble over MTV appearance.
  • A good night for Chelsea...

CLIP: "Score for Chelsea! And they have come from behind now to lead Manchester United."

  • And the 1.1 million dollar stamps!

First, a boyband in Japan caused a lot of upset when they appeared on MTV dressed in Nazi uniforms! The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of millions of people during the Second World War and many people think wearing the uniform shows a total lack of understanding. The managers of Kishidan have apologised, saying they didn't mean anything by it.

Next, for days now we've been telling you about the chaotic scenes that are being played out across Libya. With tens of thousands fleeing the country, and protestors being killed, many are living in a state of fear. Gareth Owen is with kids' charity Save the Children. His organisation have been speaking to kids there....

CLIP: "well most children are staying inside. The schools are closed, I mean their daily lives have been turned upside down and it's the fear I think. It's very much about, about things in their lives that they wish would come back to normal and that's their fear."

Meanwhile, the leader who many people want to quit - Colonel Gaddafi still hasn't given up power, even though he's lost control of large parts of the country.

Some new now from Pakistan where a top member of government has been shot dead. Shahbaz Bhatti was known for his opposition to a Pakistani law, which means anyone who insults the Islamic religion can be put to death. It's the second time this year a politician has been killed for opposing this law.

Moving onto some sport now and Chelsea managed to beat Manchester United 2-1 in the big Premier League game last night. Wayne Rooney elbowed Man United ahead in the first half, but then David Luiz came back with an equaliser and Frank Lampard sealed it with this penalty....

CLIP: "Here comes Frank Lampard, Matthew Harding and....score for Chelsea! And they have come from behind now to lead Manchester United by two goals to one."

Now to Kenya where wearing sunglasses and earrings has got one politician into trouble! Gidion Mbuvi, who's known for his bling style, was thrown out of the chamber for dressing inappropriately - but the MP's supporters say that's not fair and they should be more accepting.

So what do you reckon? Should a politician have to dress more formally, or should they be able to wear what they want? E-mail us at and let us know what you think.

Finally, if you like collecting stuff then listen up because a collection of four old Chinese stamps has just sold for a massive 1.1 million dollars. Auctioneers said they couldn't believe how much interest there was in the rare bits of paper, which date back to 1960's China.

And for today's question we asked you what country is widely thought to have invented the stamp? Yesterday we asked you what planet's closest to the sun? And the answer is....Mercury.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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