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Hi there, I'm Hayley from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Thursday the 24th of February.

Coming up:

  • Cricket fans are beaten by police.
  • China's one dog policy.
  • And the world's first robot marathon.

First, the number of people killed in the New Zealand earthquake is set to rise into the hundreds, as the chances of finding survivors dwindle. Already 98 people are known to have died in the city of Christchurch. Meanwhile, many people's homes have been destroyed by the tremor. This man has taken shelter in a high school that's been turned into a refuge centre.....

CLIP: "I mean the house was just totally shaken to pieces and like we couldn't even run outside, and when we did get outside the three two-storey houses across the road was now one storey. We've got cars falling into holes, we've got you know it's just unreal."

Next, there's been trouble at the Cricket World Cup, with thousands of fans being beaten by police in the Indian city of Bangalore. The fans had camped overnight to buy tickets, but after the seven-thousand available tickets quickly sold out, clashes began. Many of the seats for the India-England match have been allocated to companies who are sponsoring the tournament, as well as other businesses.

And in golf, former world number 1, Tiger Woods has followed defending champion, Ian Poulter out of the World Matchplay Golf Championship in Arizona. Woods lost to Thomas Bjorn who says it's a difficult time for Woods, who's slipped to world number three...

CLIP: "There's a lot of positive things in his golf. He's not playing the way he wants to do. He needs one or two weeks where it just clicks. I get the sensation from him that he believes in what he's doing."

Next, the Chinese city of Shanghai is introducing a new one-dog policy! More than six-hundred thousand dogs will be declared illegal when the new rules come in. It means owners whose dogs are not officially registered with the authorities will have to give them away.

Next up, we're talking about these guys....

CLIP: Seagulls squawking.

Yep, a seagull's squawk can be a bit annoying, but it seems they do have some pretty impressive skills too. According to a Canadian scientist, seagulls learn from each other when it is safe to nod off and that results in waves of sleep sweeping through the bird colony. Sleeping is risky for birds, as it's when they're most vulnerable to predators, but this research shows that the animals have their own way of getting around the problem!

And finally, five knee-high androids have crossed the starting line in the world's first robot marathon. The contest is being held in the Japanese city of Osaka. The contestants are expected to take four days to complete the course, which involves 423 laps of an indoor track. Operators are allowed to change the robot's batteries and motors but if the machines fall over they must get up by themselves.

And for today's question we want to know the name of the famous bleeping robot in Star Wars? Yesterday we asked you what dinosaur is known for its long neck? And the answer is....The Apatosaurus, also known as the Brontosaurus.

OK, that's all from the World News for Children team. We're back tomorrow


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