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Hi there, I'm Hayley from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Wednesday the 23rd of February.

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  • The search is still on for earthquake survivors. '
  • 'Thunder Thighs' dinosaur is discovered.
  • And a damaged TV gets cricket captain, Ricky Ponting in trouble!

First to New Zealand, where overnight 48 people have been rescued from buildings that were destroyed by Tuesday's earthquake. One woman was pulled from the rubble after more than 24 hours. However, many people haven't been as lucky, with the number of people killed in the city of Christchurch rising to 75. Rescue workers are still fighting to find survivors and the foreign minister, Murray McCully says they are counting on help from other countries...

CLIP: "We are very grateful for these search and rescue teams that have been provided by the UK, our friends in America, the Australians have been on the case and certainly Taiwan, Japan and Singapore are all sending search and rescue teams."

The quake was so strong that it also caused 30 million tonnes of ice to fall from the country's longest glacier, sending boulders of ice into a nearby lake.

To Libya now where the leader, Colonel Gadaffi has told his people that he will violently crush anyone who opposes him. Already it's reported that 300 people have been killed. But those who want him out say they will not be put off...

CLIP: "He is losing his force, he is losing his position. we are ready for anything he can do, and that's ok, for us, we don't care."

Important people are turning against Gadaffi, including his top member of staff, the Interior Minister. He's also reported to have lost control of big parts of the country, making it more and more difficult for him to remain in power. The fear is that he will do his best to destroy the country before he is finally forced out.

Next up, "Thunder Thighs" is the nickname scientists have given a newly-discovered dinosaur! Researchers say the Brontomerus - as it's officially known - had extremely powerful legs which meant it could give a good strong kick, and expert Dr Mike Taylor reckons he knows how the animal might have used it...

CLIP: "That kicking behaviour would have initially evolved as a way for males to copmpete for the attention fo femals - dominance displays. Just as giraffes, for example, the males compete by whacking their necks together."

And for today's question we want to know what dinosaur is know for its particularly long neck? Yesterday we asked you what tree's leaf is the national emblem of Canada? And the answer is...... the Maple Tree!

And finally, captain of Australia's cricket team, Ricky Ponting is in trouble for taking out his frustrations on a television! The player damaged a TV set in his dressing room after he was dismissed during Monday's game against Zimbabwe. The International Cricket Council were not impressed with the outburst and have charged Ponting with bad behaviour.

OK, that's all we've got time for, but just before we leave you we want to say a big hello to all those in year 10 at Waimea College in New Zealand. Thanks for e-mailing in guys, and If you want a mention for you or your class then e-mail us at! Bye for now.


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