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Hi there, I'm Leah from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Tuesday the 15th of February.

Coming up:

  • The wife who fought off a tiger with a soup ladle.
  • Chelsea's title hopes continue to fade.
  • And the British Prime Minister gets a rat catcher!

But first , just days after Egyptian demonstrators forced their leader to quit, protestors in Iran have taken to the streets to show their anger with their own government. Thousands clashed with security forces in the capital, Tehran...

CLIP: FX crowds chanting.

But unlike in Egypt, where the army didn't strongly back either side during the protests, the Iranian security forces have quickly moved to crush any opposition. This man saw the protests....

CLIP: "We can see hundreds of anti-riot police and security forces and then they started to disperse the people by force. But people started to chant slogans against the police, I could see a lot of clashes."

There were reports of tear gas and batons being used against demonstrators and also one person has died. Demonstrations like this are unusual in Iran. The last time they did take place, back in 2009, they were violently put down.

And it's not just Iranian demonstrators that seem to have been inspired by what's happened in Egypt. For the fourth day in a row, thousands of people in Yemen are out on the streets, demanding that their leader follows Mubarak's lead and goes.

Next, a man has narrowly escaped being killed by a tiger, after his wife scared the animal off with a soup ladle! The man, who lives in the north of Malaysia, tried hitting the animal as it attacked him, but it made no difference. But when his wife heard her husband's screams she ran to his rescue and beat the tiger off with the kitchen utensil!

And for today's question we want to know what the most common species of tiger is?

Footy now and Chelsea escaped with a draw last night against Fulham. It could have been worse, with Fulham earning a penalty in the closing minutes of the game - but thanks to goalie Petr Cech, the Blues were spared a defeat....

CLIP: "And here he comes now, Dempsey, and Cech saves it! Dempsey again, over the bar! Incredible end to this Premier League game!"

The performance doesn't do Chelsea's title hopes much good. At the moment they are trailing fifth in the Premier League.

And yesterday's question was all about footy. We wanted to know what team the Brazilian footballing great, Ronaldo started his career with? And the answer is ....a Brazilian club called Cruzeiro.

Finally, the British Prime Minister is employing a rat catcher - well actually it's a 4 year old tabby cat. Ever since a rat was spotted running past the leader's door, live on TV, there has been talk of the Prime Minister's house having a pest problem. Well that should all be a thing of the past now that they have added Larry to their team. There's even set to be a special photo shoot to welcome him!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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