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2012 Olympic Stadium verdict pleases young fans

West Ham's impression of the how the Olympic Stadium will look
West Ham's impression of the how the Olympic Stadium will look

Two BBC School Reporters, who each support one of the teams who wanted the Olympic Stadium, have expressed their delight at the decision made over the future of the arena.

Both West Ham supporter Nicholas of Little Ilford School in Manor Park, and Tottenham fan Tommy of Northumberland Park School close to White Hart Lane, said they were happy that the Hammers had been chosen as the preferred bidder.


"I'm happy about it but there are positives and negatives towards it like the running track, seating capacity and the atmosphere.

"I suppose it will make us a more high-profile club and could attract high-profile players and it is also in the centre of Newham, which is where West Ham are originally from.

"Upton Park is kind of small, it creates more traffic and it is madness down there on a Saturday. If we move to the Olympic Stadium there is more open space so maybe there will be less traffic.

"The atmosphere is up to the fans. If there are a lot of supporters the atmosphere will be louder and better.

"We have got quality players like Parker, Keane, Obinna and Green and we are going to stay up."


"I'm pretty happy because I'd prefer it if Tottenham stayed at their own ground as it more of a Tottenham thing.

"I don't know any Spurs fans that wanted to move.

"If Tottenham move to Stratford they can't really be Tottenham then.

"I don't think the club will be too happy over the decision but I'm pretty sure they will accept the decision."

West Ham 2012 stadium bid chosen
11 Feb 11 |  London


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