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Hi there, I'm Sonali from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Thursday the 27th of January.

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  • Hundreds are arrested in Egypt protests
  • Young people share ideas with world leaders in Davos
  • And how pigeons sniff their way home!

First up. Up to a thousand people have been arrested for protesting on the streets of Egypt. The demonstrators want to get rid of President Hosni Mubarak. He's been in power for 30 years and people are unhappy with how he's running the country. Unrest has also spread to Yemen, where people there are calling for their President to step down too.

This week the world's top business leaders have been meeting in Davos in Switzerland. They're there for the annual World Economic Forum to talk about international financial issues and share ideas. Five young people have also been chosen to join the world leaders. We've spoken to the youngest - 17 year old Anjali from India.

CLIP: "I hope to get to know a lot of views from people around the world - heads of state, businessmen, people from different walks of life. And how they see various aspects of society. I hope to gain a lot from that."

And Raquel is from Brazil

CLIP: We can go to every session we want and we will present our ideas, choose a presentation of 5 minutes talking about a big idea we have, which in my case is about womens' and girls' issues."

A new report says a plan to protect sharks from overfishing over the past ten years has been a terrible failure. The conservation group, TRAFFIC, says most of the world's top twenty shark fishing nations haven't done enough. About seventy million sharks are caught each year, mainly to make shark fin soup and some say a third of all shark species now face possible extinction.

Which brings us to today's question. What are baby sharks called? We'll give you the answer tomorrow.

Yesterday we asked you in which year was the first Toy Story film released? And the answer is 1995.

In the tennis, Li Na has become the first Chinese woman to reach the singles final of one of the sport's four major tournaments. She beat the world's number one female player Caroline Wozniacki, at the semi-finals of the Australian Open in Melbourne. Li now faces the Belgian Kim Clijsters in Saturday's final.

Pigeons can find their way home because they've got amazing right nostrils! Researchers in Italy noticed that the birds relied on their sense of smell to create a map of their journey. The scientists experimented by plugging the birds' nostrils. They found that the pigeons whose right ones were blocked took a much longer route to get home and stopped much more than those whose left nostrils were plugged.

Last up. A youth footie player from Desportivo Brasil got more than he bargained for when he injured himself. He called for help, but a clueless stretcher bearer dropped him and then fell back and accidentally sat on the player's face. And as if that wasn't bad enough he did it again before the referee had to explain to the accident prone first-aider how to carry the stretcher!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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