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Olympic Dreams partners from Surrey and New Jersey meet

Staff and students from Tomlinscote School and Blair Academy
Students and staff create international links between Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College and Blair Academy

By Dayna and Blake
From Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College, Surrey

As part of the World Class Olympic Dreams, a Tomlinscote student and teacher travelled to London last weekend, to take part in a seminar at the British Museum.

The aim was to create international links and excitement for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Kelsey and Stacey, the student and teacher from our partner school, Blair Academy in New Jersey, USA, arrived at the Grange Holborn hotel last weekend.

Proposed projects include swapping each other's food, culture, sports and uniforms for a day
Dayna and Blake

They spent the weekend touring famous landmarks of London as well as taking part in the seminar, where students and teachers from all over the world shared each other's cultures and began to put in place joint projects between our schools.

Many had travelled long distances for the seminar, some from as far away as Brazil, Jamaica, Kenya, Mongolia, Russia, and India.

Kelsey and Stacey then spent Monday with Blake and Mrs Mensah, experiencing a typical school day at Tomlinscote School.

Proposed projects include swapping each other's food, culture, sports and uniforms for a day, as well as pitting each school's top mathematicians, sports people and scientists against each other in competitions via video link.

We expect this project to be a big success and to maintain the link after 2012, opening up opportunities for students at both Tomlinscote and Blair Academy.

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