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Hi there, I'm Hayley from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 21st of January.

Coming up:

  • Hijacked ship crew is rescued.
  • An American woman who can speak after 11 silent years.
  • And a library without a single book to take out.

First up. South Korea says its special forces have stormed a ship that had been hijacked by Somali pirates. They managed to rescue all the crew after a five hour operation before dawn. The captain was shot by pirates during the operation, but his injuries are not serious. Eight pirates were killed and five others were captured.

Next. A woman in the US is able to speak for the first time in 11 years after an amazing voice box transplant. It's the first time a voice box and windpipe have been transplanted together and Brenda Jensen said the operation was a miracle which had restored her life. Thirteen days after the surgery she said her first words which were "Good morning, I want to go home."

Tennis next. And at the Australian Open Tennis former champion Justine Henin is out of the women's singles. Caroline Wozniacki the world number one is through, but told the journalist that it was their fault that she had been accused of being dull during her interviews.


Caroline: "They said that my press conferences were kind of boring but I always get the same questions. Give me some questions that are a little bit more interesting and a little bit different than what I usually get."

Journalist: "How should we solve global warming?"

Caroline: "Global warming?" (Laughter)

Now what do you do when you worry that your local library will be closed? Families in the UK town of Stony Stratford decided they wanted to show how important books were to them. So they protested by taking out all 16,000 of the books in the library out, leaving the shelves completely empty. Everyone took out 15 books each, even using children's buggies to take them home! The local kids say the library is a vital part of their community.

CLIP: "Our library is really important to us and we don't want it to close. Taking all the books is just our peaceful way showing how angry we are and to get people's attention."

Yesterday we asked you which country Prague is capital city of . And the answer is the Czech Republic.

Next up. Have you ever been embarrassed by parents who shout and scream on the touchline when you're doing sports? The Football Association in the UK is worried that children's footie is being ruined by loud mouthed parents. So now they've set up a new online club called Respect FC. They have videos and guidelines to help adults learn how to behave better, so that they don't spoil the fun for kids.

And last up. Scientists believe they have discovered parasite worms that change the colour of caterpillars they infest, to prevent the insects from being eaten. The horrible worm is a body-snatcher that attacks the developing larvae and turns their insides into liquid that it can eat. This cheeky parasite has developed the tactic to warn birds to keep away from its host and therefore it also avoids being eaten. Sounds gross!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back on Monday.


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