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World News for Schools: 4 January

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Hey there, I'm Sonali, it's Tuesday the 4th of January and we're back with our first BBC World News for Children bulletin of 2011.

Coming up:

  • Flood victims are warned of dangerous snakes.
  • The mystery bird drop.
  • And speculation over a move for Beckham.

First up - poisonous snakes and crocodiles are just some of the hazards facing flood victims in the Australian state of Queensland. The area has been swamped by its worst floods in more than 20 years and police are worried that dangerous animals could have entered the water from overflowing rivers. Among the worst affected areas is the city of Rockhampton. It's more or less completely cut off by the waters. 12 year old Tom spoke to us earlier about what it's been like...

CLIP: "It was pretty freaky because I was underneath the house and you just watch it, and it would just come in and keep coming in really fast. You just want to go and do something, but you can't because it's just full of water outside. So there's nothing much to do."

Next, to the bird mystery that's been puzzling experts in the American state of Arkansas. Locals were left dumfounded after thousands of birds seem to fall out of the sky on New Year's eve.....

CLIP: "It was horrible. You could not even get down the road without running over hundreds - it was that bad!" "Kind of spooky, you never know what's going to happen."

Lots of different explanations have been given for the mass bird drop - everything from New Year's eve fireworks, to a big hailstorm. Tests are being carried out on the birds - but for now, the case remains to be solved!

Cricket now and things are finely balanced after the second day of the final Ashes test. After bowling Australia out for 280, at the close of play England were 167 for 3, trailing Australia by 113 runs. Captain, Andrew Strauss made 60 before being clean bowled by Australia's Ben Hilfenhaus, while Alistair Cook remains unbeaten on 61.

And in footy, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has played down his club's chances of signing David Beckham. Spurs are just one of the Premier League sides believed to be in the running to bring the former England captain back on loan from L-A Galaxy, but Harry Redknapp isn't getting anyone's hopes up........

CLIP: "Suddenly it seems lots of clubs are interested, you know? And if David is only available until March, it's a difficult one, you know? ....I don't know, let's wait and see."

And finally, to Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires where robbers appear to have spent six months tunnelling their way into a bank vault from a neighbouring building. Staff returned from the New Year holiday weekend, only to discover that more than a-hundred safety deposit boxes had been emptied. The break in did set off alarms, but it seems that when police saw the doors of the bank were shut they thought there was nothing to worry about!

And for today's question we want to know the name of the famous waterfalls that are located in both Brazil and Argentina?

OK, that's all from the World News for Children team. We're back tomorrow.


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