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World News for Schools: 5 January

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Hey there, I'm Sonali from the BBC World News for Children. It's Wednesday the 5th of January.

Coming up:

  • The ten year old who discovered a supernova!
  • A Nani goal puts Manchester United three points clear.
  • And the $400,000 tuna fish!

First, to the Australian state of Queensland where it looks like the flood waters have reached their highest levels yet. Two hundred thousand people have been hit by the massive floods, which are affecting an area the size of Germany and France put together. So far, at least three people have died, and to make things worse the Mayor of Rockhampton - one of the worst hit areas - says water levels are expected to get even higher....

CLIP: "The river hasn't moved overnight, it's still sitting at the 9.2 metre mark. But we still are expecting a peak of 9.4 sometime later today."

In China, freezing temperatures in the south-west of the country have forced nearly 60,000 people to leave their homes. Ice and snow have caused roofs of houses to collapse and closing roads, leaving thousands of motorists stranded.

Next up, a 10-year-old girl in Canada has become the youngest person ever to discover a supernova. That's the name for an exploding star which is so bright it can outshine a whole galaxy. The one Kathryn spotted is called Supernova 2010 and it's 240 million light years away.

And for today's question we want to know at what point in a star's life-cycle it explodes? Yesterday, we asked you for the name of the famous waterfalls that are located in both Brazil and Argentina, and the answer is....... the Iguazu falls!

Footy news now and Manchester United have gone three points clear at the top of the English Premier League. They beat Stoke two-one with Nani scoring the winner...

CLIP: "Nani now, plays it to Hernandez. Rolls it to Nani on the edge of the area. Curls! Oh brilliant! Brilliant goal from Nani! "

2nd place Manchester City and 3rd place Arsenal will try to close in on them when they play each other tonight.

In cricket - England are in prime position to take their first Ashes series victory in Australia for 24 years, after a dominant 3rd day in Sydney. At close of play, England were 488 for 7, with a lead of 208. Alastair Cook made 189 runs, taking his tally for the whole series up to 766 - but he's not taking anything for granted....

CLIP: "There's a lot of cricket - still 200 overs left. Obviously we're still making up time. Part of our team thing is not to look too far ahead."

And finally, a giant tuna has sold for a record price of almost four-hundred-thousand dollars at auction in Japan. Wannabe bidders packed into a fish market in the centre of Tokyo to try and get their hands on the prized bluefin tuna...

CLIP: FX of market bartering.

In the end the fish - which weighs over a third of a tonne - was bought by Japanese and Chinese restaurant owners who plan to serve it in sushi bars. I'm betting it'll make a pretty pricey meal!

OK, that's all from the World News for Children team. We're back tomorrow.


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