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World News for Schools: 14 December

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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Children. It's Tuesday the 14th of December.

Coming up:

  • Interstellar space travel.
  • Manchester United top of the table.
  • And Michael Jackson's new album!

First up, it might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie - but experts think we're closer than ever to reaching interstellar space! The Voyager 1 spacecraft has travelled further than ever before, an enormous 17.4 billion km - that's like travelling around the earth more than 400 thousand times! ! The info it's sending back to earth makes scientists think it's reaching the outer limits of our solar system. But experts have to be pretty patient, because as Dr Ed Stone explains it takes a long time for that info to reach them...

CLIP: "It's about 16 hours now one way. So if we tell it something to do, it takes 16 hours for the command to get there and another 16 hours to tell us it worked."

Next to Columbia, where whole communities are set to be moved because they are at risk of being hit by floods and landslides. The country is being pounded by the worst rains in forty years. More than two-hundred-and-forty people have been killed and the cost of the damage is more than five billion dollars. The government say they will force people to leave their homes, if they have to.

Footy now and Manchester United have gone straight to the top of the Premier League after beating Arsenal 1-0 at Old Trafford. Despite a missed penalty from Wayne Rooney. United sealed it with a goal from Ji Sung Park....

Ji-Sung Park
Ji-Sung Park celebrates his goal against Arsenal

CLIP: "Nani, into the Arsenal penalty area. Shot is deflected, headed in by Park! One-nil!"

Meanwhile, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says the Old Trafford pitch was partly to blame for his team's defeat.....

CLIP: "I believe the technical quality of the game suffered from a very bad pitch and a poor ball. Man United got on top of us and a very unlucky goal for us. After that we tried, in fairness Man United defended very well."

Next, experts have discovered a brand new species of Lemur...


The noisy little creature was uncovered by scientists in Madagascar. The fork-marked lemurs, are most active at night, when they go in search of nectar using their extra long tongues!

And for today's question we want to know what ocean Madagascar is in? Yesterday we asked you what colours the Philippines flag shares with the French one? And the answer is.....all of them - red, white and blue!

And finally - a brand new album of songs by Michael Jackson has just been released. The king of pop recorded the album before he died. But some critics reckon a few of the songs don't actually feature his voice alone. Meanwhile, photos of the singer have just been sold at auction in Paris. The most expensive one went for just over 30,000 dollars.

OK, that's all from the World News for Children team. We're back tomorrow, but before we go we want to say hi to Ho Shik, who e-mailed us from South Korea. Thanks for listening! If you want to get I touch the address is Bye!


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