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World News for Schools: 8 December

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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Children. It's Wednesday the 8th of December.

Coming up:

  • Gunfire and protests on the streets of Haiti.
  • China's top of the class.
  • And the most expensive book in the world!

First - there have been protests and gunfire in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince....

CLIP: Protest fx

Scene of a protest in Port-au-Prince
Fires have been started and barricades set up

A lot of people there are angry about the recent Presidential elections, which many don't believe were fair. After the first round of votes, officials say the race for President is now between two candidates, but a lot of Haitians want a third candidate - a popular local musician - to be able to fight for Presidency too and many want completely new elections.

Now, it seems children in China are top of the class! In a worldwide survey, the province of Shanghai in China came out best in reading, maths and science! The people behind the study say more than one-quarter of the students surveyed showed advanced mathematical thinking when solving complex problems, that's about 8 times more than the average.

Now to Scotland, where the snow is so bad that the army has been called in to help clear the streets of the capital, Edinburgh. Temperatures have plummeted to minus-20 in places, hundreds of schools have been closed, and lots of motorists have been forced to spend the night in their cars after getting stuck on the motorway!

CLIP: "Obviously you cannot do much and we're just hoping that the gritters can sort the problem out so we can get on our way, at least to get home anyway."

Next up, there's good news for mountain gorillas... It seems work to protect the endangered animals is paying off. Over the past seven years, their numbers in national parks in three African countries has gone up by around a quarter.

Footy now - and it's mission complete for Manchester United in the Champion's League. They're through to the next round after drawing one-all against Valencia, who go through in second place. But even still, Manager Alex Ferguson said they could have done better...

CLIP: "About five minutes after we scored the goal, we should have gone 2-1 up at that time. We started to settle for what we had, and it's always a dangerous game. We lack experience at the back there. But, we got through it and it was important."

A surprise win in group A. Tottenham Hotspur, finished above the holders Inter-Milan after a 3-all draw at FC Twente. Inter lost 3-0 to Werder Bremen, and go through as runners up.

And finally - the most expensive book in the world has just been sold for a record eleven-and-a-half million dollars -- the highest price ever paid for a printed book. It's all about American birds, and it's stuffed full of hundreds of hand-coloured pictures, each of which are considered works of art!

And for today's question we want to know where pelicans get their name from? Yesterday, we asked you for the best selling album of all time? And the answer is....Michael Jackson's Thriller!

OK, that's all from the World News for Children team. But before we go, we want to say hello to the English class that got in touch with us from Charleroi in Belgium. Thanks for getting in touch guys! If you want to send us an e-mail and say hello, the address is


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