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School Reporters dive in to ask Daley questions

By Karl, Beth and Jake
School Reporters from Dartmouth Community College, Devon

School reporters from Dartmouth Community College interview Tom Daley at th Mayflower Leisure Centre, Plymouth
He trains for five hours a day, six days a week. We agreed that this is very impressive!
Karl, Beth and Jake

Three lucky School Reporters from Dartmouth Community College had the opportunity to interview Tom Daley at the Mayflower Leisure Centre in Plymouth on Tuesday 13 July.

This is where Tom practices his diving skills almost everyday and was where he was also involved in a media event.

We were very excited at the prospect of meeting Tom and it was a really great experience for us, especially as we had the chance to talk to him individually.

We asked him questions about his training and what he does when he relaxes.

Tom is very committed to his sport and we were surprised to find out that 40 percent of his training was in the water and the other 60 percent in the gym.

He trains at Mayflower Leisure Centre for five hours a day, six days a week. We agreed that this is very impressive!

Tender age

Tom told us how he started diving at the age of six and has built up an amazing amount of confidence and skill over the years.

Now, not only is he training and looking ahead to the 2012 Olympics in London, but he also has time to promote sporting activities for families through a campaign which encourages them to try out a range of free activities during the summer holidays.

Tom Daley diving
Tom Daley holds seven gold medals

The last couple of years have been very special for Tom with the 2008 Olympics and the Youth Olympics, which will take place in Singapore this summer.

Typical teen

As well as finding out what he is famous for, we discovered the things that he likes to do when he isn't training, which include going to the cinema and hanging out with his mates.

It was very interesting meeting Tom as he is not much different from any other 16-year-old and was very easy to talk to.

Tom Daley is a fantastic role model for young people and we wish him well for the 2012 Olympics, when we will be supporting him throughout his events.

Meet Tom Daley
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