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Guildford County School Reporters at Sport Relief

School Reporters and  Chris Hollins

School Reporters Gracie and Rachel from Guildford County School were riverside at London's Embankment to catch up with Helen Skelton, Chris Hollins, Eddie Izzard, James De Gale and Cliff Parisi, who plays Minty in EastEnders.

The stars were all involved with the Sport Relief mile.

Across the UK, people joined in with this year's Sport Relief which culminated in the mile event on 21 March. By the end of the 90-minute special, the total raised had shot up to over £31 million.


At 11 o'clock on Sunday morning, Rachel and I were met by our producer Alison, and our press officer Dan at the Embankment.

At the starting line, we immediately spotted an opportunity to interview Chris Hollins, the TV presenter. Our producer had to quickly teach Rachel how to use the recording equipment whilst I thought of some questions to ask. Minutes later, we had our first interview. Listen to Chris Hollins' interview

After just a few minutes to catch our breath, another opportunity came up, this time with boxer James De Gale. It felt amazing; we'd only been there 15 minutes and had already interviewed two celebrities!

Cliff Parisi and School Reporters
Cliff Parisi, EastEnders' 'Minty', is happy to be running with Eddie Izzard

We spent the next hour watching people start - and finish - their mile runs, and admiring the amazing and crazy costumes that people had worn to raise money. I also took loads of pictures.

At the beginning of the fourth race, the celebrities started to arrive thick and fast. Amazingly, we managed to grab an interview with Eddie Izzard, who recently ran 43 marathons for Sport Relief! It was unexpected, but definitely very welcome.

Straight after, EastEnders star Cliff Parisi, who plays Minty, had a chance to talk to us. When we asked him how it felt to be here today, he said: "It's great to be in the company of Eddie Izzard who's just run around the world! It's incredible, I'm only doing a mile." He added: "My shorts are just starting to chafe and I've only just walked to the start line!" Listen to the full interview .

School Reporters and Helen Skelton
Skelton gave 'the most interesting answers' says reporter Rachel

Just after the starting fireworks had gone off, Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton came over to talk to us. She is in the limelight at the moment for being the first woman to ever kayak the Amazon River for Sport Relief.

Although everybody was very interesting to talk to, she was probably my favourite celebrity, as she was so bubbly and came up with really interesting answers.

After this last interview, we found a quiet place to sort out our recordings and photos.

I had such an amazing day; the atmosphere at the starting line was so tangible and exciting. It felt a bit like a big party! Although it was hard at first to keep up with all of the interviews, I got used to it soon enough and it was well worth it. I would love to do something like this again.


James De Gale and School Reporters
Boxer James De Gale wants to take part next year

I had a really fun time doing a Sport Relief report. At first I was slightly nervous; I barely knew what to do or where to go.

We arrived in London and navigated our way to the meeting point. From there, we went to the Embankment which is where the race was being held. Our producer Alison quickly taught me and my fellow School Reporter Gracie how to use recording equipment properly and Dan, our press officer, got us our interviews.

Our first interview was with Chris Hollins; it was amazing to talk to him. We struggled to decide what to ask him to begin with, but, as the day progressed, questions came naturally to our lips.

Eddie Izzard and School  Reporters
Eddie Izzard comments on a Batman and Batgirl costume

We barely had time to catch our breath, when we saw another opportunity to do an interview, this time with the boxer James De Gale. When I asked if he had any plans for next year's Sport Relief, he said: "If there's anything I can help to support, I'd do it. So maybe next year, I'll do an open sparring session for an hour, or something like that. Next year, I'll definitely be more involved; it's great." We also interviewed Cliff Parisi, Helen Skelton and Eddie Izzard.

It was over all too soon.

When we were done interviewing, we walked back to the meeting point where we recorded the questions we had asked earlier [so they could be edited together with the answers] and explained the pictures we had taken. Soon we were finished and returned home.

Sport relief participants
Raring to go at the start line

There were so many people running the mile, and cheering people on. I thought it was amazing and really nice that people wanted to raise money for charity.

I had a brilliant time; the atmosphere was so exciting and fun, although it was hard to keep up with what was going on because of all the interviews. It was a mad rush, but after a while I got used to it. I'd love to be able to do this sort of thing again as it was really a great day.

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