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News Day: Up until 1300

Thousands of students across the UK are reporting the news for BBC News School Report Day. Here are the updates filed before 1300 GMT.

See all the day's top stories here.

1254: Rebuilding the local skate park
"Applemore College is reporting on the stereotyping of teenagers, cars of the decade, raising money and rebuilding the local skate park. We are also looking at Southampton FC's new training ground and 'radio killed the video star' - a look at new age of radio. Also we've got the top 10 games of the decade and an update on Haiti," texts mentor Sally from Applemore College in Southampton.

1251: Thumbs up for 3D TV
While the debate continues about the merits of 3D TV, one school in Manchester has delivered its verdict. Pupils at Trinity High School have spent the morning researching the pros and cons on the internet and think there's only one way to go in the future. Ahmed said: "Most TVs should be like that. It would be more exciting. I like the way the pictures jump out at you, though it can be scary."

1249: Get rich quick
On the day a new richest man in the world is announced, pupils from Trinity High School have some advice for anyone in England who wants to learn from his example. They're recommending going into property, steel or oil. Elizabeth, 13, said: "To run a successful empire you're got to work really hard. I'd say don't stop til you get to the top."

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1236: It's pretty hectic

"There are 23 of us, all doing our jobs it's pretty hectic. So far we've interviewed five people, written four scripts - it's already starting to come together- hope you enjoy the show," texts Sian, mentor at Bedwas High School in Caerphilly.

1234: McDonald's GCSEs
"McDonald's GCSEs and a youth parliament are just a couple of stories on the agenda at Hardenhuish School today. Everyone's busy gathering audio and writing stories and it's going really well," texts Rhiannon, mentor at Hardenhuish School, Wiltshire.

1233: The big push
"We had a scary moment earlier," says Tendring Technology College teacher Valentina Burley in Essex. "The internet went down and we're having to work extra hard to get everything edited in time, but one big push after lunch and we'll be there."

1233: Community clean-up
Students from The Bluecoat School in Oldham, Greater Manchester, have been investigating Middleton Council's Community Clean-up project. By speaking to the school's own site team, they have been gathering information on how it is directly affecting them.

1232: Lifestyle survey
"Desborough School has a group of German students taking part and we are doing a lifestyle survey to find out if UK or German students spend more time on screens, watching TV, doing homework and physical activities. Watch this space!" text Pete, mentor at Desborough School, Maidenhead.

1231: Mad about sport in South Africa
Sports is at the top of the agenda at the Pescodia High School, in the South African city of Kimberley. Children there, who are so keen on sport they are willing to travel 900km in a single day to play a match against another school, have been debating why the Northern Cape will have so few fixtures during the 2010 Football World Cup. Teacher Graham Steele says lots of children in South Africa's largest but most sparsely populated province are disappointed that it will not be hosting a single match.

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1226: Three out of six reports completed
"We have done a vox pop about David Cameron's visit and are now editing it. We have also finished three out of our six reports including stories about a Facebook panic button and a charity bike ride. We are also getting ready to film our environmental report," emails a teacher from Bartley Green School in Birmingham.

1226: Photocall with the local press
"School reporters are editing an interview with Olympic hopeful Torema Dorsett. Hopefully she'll be as fast as our reporters - they're really cracking on - also investigating bullying and Facebook," texts mentor Ben Sutherland from Hornsey School for Girls.

1224: Music and marching
"The girls are busy writing articles on their chamber music concert, school exclusions and a visit to the army in Stafford," writes teacher Elizabeth Grant from Selly Park Technology College for Girls, Birmingham.

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1220: Marathon Effort
News hounds from Varndean School in Brighton are trying to persuade their teacher to get into running shorts. Four members of staff are taking part in the Brighton Marathon and the School Reporters want to film some good shots to go with their interviews. As long as they remember to keep it tasteful and decent!

1220: Verbal gymnastics
They are the champions. Students at the King's School, Macclesfield, teamed up with BBC Manchester to interview world gymnastics champion Beth Tweddle: "We are all very excited about the 2012 Olympics being held in our capital city and we hope Beth will enjoy performing in her own country," reported the team.

1218: Running on adrenaline
"The pupils here are oozing adrenaline," says teacher John Westwood, as pupils at Mayfield School and College in Redbridge in Essex edit their TV bulletin and online features. Abda and Manpreet are at BBC TV Centre, they're about to appear on BBC Radio Five live.

1217: Jet skiing through School Report
School reporters are busy at Bishopston Comprehensive School in Swansea, looking at everything from Welsh education spending to whether foxes are pests or pets. They're looking at Sport Relief and rugby but also their very own school sports hero, jet-ski champion of Europe. A TV crew from BBC Wales is on site, and the school's abuzz.

1216: Staffordshire - a great place?

Whilst poet Carol Ann Duffy did not enjoy her early years in Staffordshire, students from the Haywood Engineering College are busy proving the opposite. School Reporters are interviewing talented athletes who compete in Team GB for today's podcast.<./CPS:EVENT>

1215: African rap
He's a man called Zozo, he comes from Africa, and he plays the drums brilliantly. Jack from Whickham School, Gateshead, has been interviewing him for their webcast. Jack said: "He's a fun guy. He's got good stories. He's been telling us how different England is to his home in Sierra Leone."

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1213: Photocall with the local press
"We've had our morning meeting to decide the running order - there are 10 strong-looking stories and features. Lots of editing going on. Newsreader, Uzair is working hard on the opening headlines while his co-newsreader, Chelsea, has been called away to do a photocall for the local press," texts mentor John Hand from Barnfield West Academy in Luton.

1207: Kenya's Milky Way

There's been a bumper amount of milk produced by dairy farmers in Kenya this year, says teacher Alex Ombogo Obondi. Supermarkets are even offering special deals to shift pints from their shelves. Children at the Embakasi Girls' Secondary School, on the edge of Nairobi, are debating whether or not the government should re-introduce milk in schools. Students there think it'd be a great idea.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1204: Jurassic Jersey
A School Reporter in Jersey is following up the story of the scientists who have found a way to extract DNA from an ancient bird's egg found in Madagascar. Closer to home, students at Le Rocquier School are covering breaking news that it will be compulsory for under 18s in Jersey to wear bike helmets. A straw poll in the school found 60% of students don't like the new rule - and Le Rocquier is hoping to be the hottest school in the weather report, coming in at 8C.

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1148: Hoping to speak to Eurovision contestant
"Billericay school have got their stories selected and are arranging interviews and planning their pieces. Hoping to speak to a Eurovision contestant who went to the school!" texts mentor Susie Hanson from The Billericay School in Essex.

Love is in the air
1143: Whole lot of hugs
"Stories have been chosen and range from bullying to opening of a new sports centre. We are also covering the hugging world record and how hard is it to kayak down the Amazon. Weather temperature recorded. Local MP about to be interviewed. Will they do it all by 2pm?" writes mentor Kate Riley from Guildford County School in Surrey.

1141: Water Voles bid for freedom
After a lifetime bred in captivity, water voles have been released into the river at Sandford Mire in Cumbria. School Reporters from Ullswater Community College in Penrith joined the BBC Springwatch team and the Eden Rivers Trust for the great event. It's hoped the voles will relax into their new habitat and breed, reversing a decline which threatens them with extinction in Cumbria.

1138: Shopping for news
If you want to find out what people think, what do you do? You ask them! One inspired group from Whickham School in Gateshead are out with a camera crew at the local shopping centre finding out what customers have to say about education. Mike Carter, from the City Learning Centre, said: "They've got to film the vox pops, turn them into code and edit them all by two o'clock - it's a lot to do but they're loving it."

A shock result
1137: Musical interludes
School Reporters at King Ethelbert School in Kent are in the process of creating their own news jingles. They will be using them in their news bulletins they are compiling and recording on news of the day.

1136: Will you be a good prime minister for young people?
"How can you ensure that my education will be as good as yours?" was a question that School Reporter Vanessa put to the potential next prime minister, David Cameron.

Students from the Bonus Pastor Catholic College London had a 30-minute sit-down interview with the Conservative leader in the House of Commons which they are now editing down to a two-minute television piece for their news bulletin at 1400.

"It was exciting, but I was really nervous," says pupil Vanessa. Bonus Pastor has been working with fellow London schools Prendergast Hilly Fields College and Catford High School.

1135: Safety at the World Cup
"Stories covered at Waseley Hills today include: Safety at the World Cup in South Africa; young carers; the plight of the elderly; do charity singles make a difference; the importance of school libraries; endangered species around the UK and the very exciting weather report!" writes Rebecca Morris from Waseley Hills High School in Birmingham.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1133: Weather for lunch
Bartley Green school in Birmingham is taking part in the weather world record - and cooking up a special twist! Their official witness will be joined by all the school dinner ladies to measure the temperature and take part in a special photo shoot. Watch out for the pictures later.

1131: Weather in Polish
Students as Ashfield Girls' High School in Belfast are planning a weather report with a difference, as part of their School Report News Day. Two of the team are originally from Poland, so they're compiling a weather report in Polish, with English subtitles. Other plans include a special report on obesity which includes an interview with a former Slimmer of the Year.

1129: Mother's Day for single mums
Charity fundraising and the way your donations are spent, are just two of the issues under the spotlight at Camden School for Girls in north London. The students are doing a special Mothering Sunday feature on single mums, and they're also reporting on women film producers.

London 2012 logo
1127: Paralympic student interviews Lord Coe
"A Paralympic student here has interviewed Lord Coe. In other reports we are doing, we examine eco-friendly schools and the lost children of Afghanistan. We're also looking at potholes in the area; the credit crunch and the illegal distribution of music," says mentor Louise Katz from Mill Hill County High School in north London.

1125: Inspired by Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland is providing lots of inspiration for School Reporters at Abbot Beyne School in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire. Students are taking part in a photo-shoot based on the new Alice film, according to teacher Lucy Dyke. The team is also exploring how young people can get more involved in politics and they'll interview their local MP, Janet Dean, for her views on the subject.

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1122: Animating danger?
Pupils from Atasomanso M/A Secondary School, in Ghana's central Ashanti region, are asking whether animations like cartoons and video games can spark violence - and even crime - in young people.

1121: 'We get it far more right than we used to'
Michael Fish admitted that weather forecasts hadn't always been as reliable as they were now, when quizzed by reporters Uyi and Temi from The London Academy, Barnet. They asked him if getting the weather wrong made him feel he had let his viewers down and what effect, if any, climate change had had on meteorology.

1119: Finance expert gives money management top tips
Reporters from Bullers Wood School in Kent interviewed the money-saving expert Martin Lewis to gain tips on how younger people could make the most of their income and the tools available to make this possible.

1118: Countdown to live webcast
It's all systems go at Dryden School, Gateshead. The children are gearing up for their first live webcast of the day. Mike Carter, from the City Learning Centre, said: "They're absolutely amazing, they're working so hard. I'm so proud of them."

1116: Stop the drop
Students from St Chad's Catholic and Church of England High School in Halton, Cheshire, have been busy working on the Stop The Drop campaign. The campaign aims to try and stop various small objects being dropped off pedestrian bridges and onto busy roads in the local area. Halton High School has been working with the local police and other schools in a bid to put a stop to this and prevent accidents on the roads.

1108: The Big Bang
Young reporters from Rainford High Technology College, Woodhey High School and Sir John Thursby Community College are out and about at the Manchester Big Bang Fair quizzing scientists and engineers. Among other things, they'll be asking "What chemistry has done for me" and discovering the secret life of robots - as well as reporting on the breaking news stories of the day. Busy, busy, busy.

1105: From Lurgan to Afghanistan
"It's hectic here," says teacher Paul Moorehead at Lurgan Junior High School in Northern Ireland. But in a good way. Students are preparing a live radio interview with two soldiers from The Royal Irish regiment who are heading off to Afghanistan soon. Lurgan Junior High has its own school radio and the whole school will be listening in. The other big theme is obesity. School reporters are looking at healthy eating policy, calling McDonald's for a comment and even checking bins for evidence of what pupils do and don't eat.

1104: Healthy lifestyles
Coombeshead College in Newton Abbot, Devon, is working on the theme of healthy lifestyles. Students have interviewed a doctor from the local hospital, a PE teacher and the chef from the college canteen. They have also sent a questionnaire to all year 9 students to find out about their lifestyles.

1103: Interview with national champions
"We have an article about possible new Olympic sports like skateboarding, BMX and Ultimate Frisbee - and, scoop of scoops, we managed to get the UK national champions to come and enthuse about the sport and show us their skills," writes teacher Jon Seal from St Peter's Church of England Aided School in Exeter.

Flooding in Cockermouth
Young journalists from Cockermouth School report on the effects of the flooding experienced by fellow students and other members of the community.

Albert Square comes to Bradford
Who killed Archie? ask School Reporters in Bradford of Charlie Hawkins and Himesh Patel at a press conference to celebrate EastEnders' 25th anniversary.

1053: Step aside Huw Edwards...
"It's so cool," says Alfie, 14, who's been presenting the news in their TV studio along with other students at King Ethelbert School in Kent. "It's definitely made me think about what I'm going to do when I'm older."

1052: Interviewing Huw Edwards
"We had the chance to interview BBC newsreader Huw Edwards on Tuesday as part of our report on living in a divided community," writes David Swarbrick, head of year 11 at John Fisher & Thomas More Catholic Humanities College, Lancashire.

1051: Yorkshire pudding story
"Sheffield East CLC have selected their stories. They will be: should Yorkshire pudding be considered a delicacy? Facebook murder; Tesco comments on low literacy; and lastly the local death of a soldier," writes mentor Ernestina.

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1049: Hollyoaks stars interviewed
Stars from the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, have been interviewed by pupils from The Grange Comprehensive School in Halton, Cheshire. Working with Runcorn City Learning College, they have been asking the stars what it is like being famous.

1048: Pick of the papers
Students at Willowfield School in Walthamstow, north-east London, have been looking at some of the big stories in the national newspapers. They were particularly interested in Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim becoming the richest man in the world, according to the Forbes Rich List. They have also been interviewing a couple of teachers who live close to the office block destroyed by a fire in Shoreditch overnight.

1037: Bishop Hedley School makes news
The South Wales Echo is on its way to Bishop Hedley RC School in Merthyr Tydfil to report on what School Reporters there are up to today. Students are looking at a really big issue for local schools - a proposal for a new sixth form college which could mean the closure of sixth forms at local schools. And one reporter is heading out with his notebook and camera hoping to catch the Welsh Guards who are marching through Merthyr Tydfil today.

1035: UK's most northern school risks closure
Children at Baltasound Junior High School, on the remote island of Unst, in the Shetlands, are discussing their top story - the threat that their school may close. They plan to explore the impact this could have on the lives of teenagers, local businesses and the island's population of 600 people.

1033: Celebrities uploaded
Year 7 students at Emmanuel Middle School in Dorset are busy uploading their interviews with local celebrities, including footballer Marcus Browning, onto their website. Teacher Elaine Robertson said: "I'm so proud of them all. The parents have been so excited and the whole community is behind them."

1032: South Africa link-up
Students at Culcheth High School in Warrington, Cheshire, are interviewing geography teacher Steve Owen, who has just returned from a visit to their twinned school, Matseliso High in Soweto, South Africa. They are making a podcast on the stereotypes about Britain and South Africa.

1031: The build-up
"We already have two stories - one on the mock election being held at our school this week (this has some quotes from 'real' politicians whom we contacted), and a feature on the effect of mobile phones. We've also uploaded our weather forecast. The remaining three stories will be done tomorrow - let's hope for a great news day!" writes Claire Schwarting, teacher at Craigholme School in Glasgow.

School looks at language change
The Year 9s of Phoenix High School in West London discuss the changes in language at their school and the different things that influence the way we communicate.

Internet safety rights investigated
Conscious that young people are often tempted to break rules, Oldham Youth Council have written a set of internet safety rights. School Reporters at Oldham City Learning Centre investigate the initiative which asks teachers to trust students to make the right decisions, by helping them understand the issues behind the rules.

1020: Get better soon
School Reporters on the Island Of Jura were so excited about taking part today - but they're not well. They're two of 16 pupils at the Small Isles Primary School, off the west coast of Scotland. So their teacher is having a normal school day which includes watching otters on the beach. (Jealous?)

1017: Cameron question time
Pupils from the Bonus Pastor Catholic College in London are busy editing down their interview with the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron. Young reporters quizzed the would- be PM on what he would change for young people if he won the general election.

1015: Story selection time
Teacher Kirstin Kirk is working with students at Nab Wood School in West Yorkshire. The students say: "At the moment we are busy looking for breaking news stories in today's newspapers. We are taking notes of the key events and soon we will be writing up our stories."

1009: No panic at Bartley Green
Assignments have been handed out and school reporters at Bartley Green are hard at work. Stories they're looking at are why Facebook doesn't have a panic button, David Cameron's visit to the Birmingham school and how a local boy won a flag design competition. They're also interested in issues further afield, looking at the recent natural disasters around the world.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1008: How does the weather affect local business?
School Reporters at Banbury School in Oxfordshire are on their way to a local farm to investigate how the weather has affected business during the winter months. Next stop, a local haulage firm to find out if the snow in January stopped them in their tracks.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1005: Academic interest
School Reporters are making a film about their new Academy, which is in its first year of existence. It's the University of Chester Church of England Academy in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The team have also taken their temperature reading for the attempt on the world's largest interactive weather report. It was 8C and "quite nice" weather with blue skies!

1003: Credit where credit is due
Students at one Scottish school are going transatlantic as they examine the effects of the credit crunch. Pupils from Bellshill Academy in North Lanarkshire are scheduled to make a Skype call to Washington DC for an interview with Barry Lennon, senior vice president of the World Council of Credit Unions .

1001: Producing four TV news summaries
"In Kilsyth, we've split into four groups to produce four TV news summaries," texts mentor Ken MacDonald from Kilsyth Academy, Glasgow.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0950: Weather check
Students at Blairgowrie High School in Perthshire began the day by taking a temperature check. With the sun shining in Scotland, the temperature was 6C. They then sent their report in to become part of the record-breaking interactive weather report.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0948: Heat rising in the newsroom
Students at Applemore College in Hampshire have their newsroom up and running and are already recording podcasts in their studio. They are one of many of the schools who have just taken a temperature reading in an attempt to create the largest interactive weather report.

0946: Vote for Sir Graham Balfour
Young political reporters at Sir Graham Balfour school are getting ready for the General Election - their own version anyway. The Stafford school is planning a mock election and students are interviewing their local MP.

Top ten tips: Reporting on science
To coincide with the BBC's Big Bang festival in Manchester, the BBC's science boffin - sorry, science correspondent - Pallab Ghosh gives his reporting advice.

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0938: News meeting
"Students at East Sheffield CLC are just selecting their stories at the morning editorial meeting - all going well," texts mentor Ernestina from Sheffield East CLC.

0935: LINK to the news
Young film-makers are reporting on the LINK project at Shotton Hall. The school, in Peterlee, County Durham, has special classes to support students who need extra help with literacy and numeracy.

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0934: BBC Essex arrive
"The day starts early at the Colne Community School in Essex, as BBC Essex arrive to interview the team for the morning show," e-mails mentor Andy Davy from the school.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0932: Hot news?
The police have been called to Waldegrave School for Girls in Twickenham, Surrey - but our young reporters haven't done anything wrong! The police officer is verifying the temperature reading being taken as part of School Report's record-breaking attempt to create the world's biggest interactive weather report.

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Schoolboy rising star talks about film role
A student from Nab Wood School near Bradford has landed a starring role in West is West, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed film East is East, which is due out later in the year. Aqib is grilled by School Reporters on working with a famous cast and filming in India.

It's raining at Wimbledon
Extreme weather investigated
School Reporters from The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls in Ealing quizzed BBC Weather presenter Alex Deakin about the recent extreme weather - remember those snow days! - and got a lesson in using weather-forecasting equipment.

Learning in a single-sex school
In a bid for better exam results, some parents opt to send their children to single-sex schools. Does it work?

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Students spend a day at the BBC
As part of their BBC News School Report project, students from Wimbledon High School in south-west London got the chance to spend a day in the BBC's newsrooms. School Reporters Natalie, Laura and Anna write about their visit.

0834: Haiti link-up
Children from Villiers High School in Ealing, west London, talked to their counterparts at a school in Haiti during Radio 4's Today programme. One of the children from Villiers asked one of the Port au Prince students, who were caught up in January's devastating earthquake, what he wanted to be when he grew up and the reply was instant: "I would like to be president of Haiti and to study engineering."

"What are you going to change when you become president?" came the quickfire John Humphreys-style question. "I would change the way the houses are built and I would build more hospitals and schools," the boy said.

Huw Edwards says 'Good luck'
BBC News presenter Huw Edwards wishes all the schools participating in the News Day lots of luck, and has some last minute words of advice for them.

0802: Soldiers' repatriation
Pupils from Wootton Bassett School, Wiltshire, have already appeared on BBC Breakfast covering the repatriation of the bodies of five soldiers killed in Afghanistan.


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