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Students spend a day at the BBC

As part of their BBC News School Report project, students from Wimbledon High School in south-west London got the chance to spend a day in the BBC's newsrooms. School Reporters Natalie, Laura and Anna write about their visit.

School Reporters from Wimbledon High School spent a day at the BBC
The students took a tour around BBC Television Centre

We started the day early so that we could attend the 0830 editorial meeting, which is when the editors decide what news they are going to cover that day.

The first shock was how friendly everyone was. The newsroom was a bit how we expected. There were busy desks piled with papers and lots of TV screens. But the meetings were more casual than we expected. People were standing, different journalists were coming up with story ideas, and others were just walking through.

A few of us were able to go into the main editorial meeting, with all the 'big cheeses'. There was lots of discussion about the news items of the day, and any legal issues they had to think about.

A couple of us were lucky enough to go into the TV studio as the midday news was broadcast.

The presenter was talking about sports in another part of the studio when the floor manager let us in. We were introduced to News Channel presenters Jane Hill and Ben Brown. They were so kind and polite to us, even though they were busy.

Some of us also talked to TV chefs the Hairy Bikers, who we saw in the canteen at lunchtime. They were also really friendly.

Someone in charge of all the cameras over the UK showed us how he got in touch with people. At the time he had someone on air from Scotland.

We spoke to a radio editor at Bush House, where the World Service is based, even while the programme Newshour was going out live.

Over the day we learnt a lot about what it would be like to be a BBC journalist. An editor in charge of news at the World Service told us that you can go into journalism with any degree.

We learnt that you have to do a huge amount of research even for a little story; that the BBC has reporters all over the world; and that you have to use various sources to back up a story before it is ready to publish.

We will be using all these tips when we go live with our School Report.


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