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Top goalkeeper reflects on career

School reporters from St Ambrose Barlow
St Ambrose Barlow worked with three other schools

An interview with former Manchester City player Alex Williams was a highlight of one Lancashire school's School Report.

Four schools took part in a marathon three-hour broadcast from St Ambrose Barlow RC High School in Swinton.

Presenter Molly, 11, was thrilled to get the chance to interview the former City player, who now works on football in the community.

"He's a legend," says Molly, "I was star-struck. I asked him what it felt like to be the first black goalkeeper in England.

"He said he was proud and was just doing his job."


Teacher Andy Shepheard said it had been an "intense" and "fabulous" day, with great team work both within and between the schools taking part.

The schools broadcast live on Manchester DAB.

Teacher Leonie Hodgeson said the students had sounded very professional.

"We talked to them about how to sound crisp and chatty, as if you were smiling - and they sounded great - like real radio reporters," she said.

Their main report was on the credit crunch - and included a section on how to save money.

Molly says the day was "really good".

"It was very exciting. My dad was listening at work and he taped it for my mum so she can hear it later."


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