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Business roots 'key to success'

School Reporters from Dormers Wells High School
School Reporters are investigating the recession

Family-run business is the key to Southall's success, according to the local MP, business leaders and shoppers interviewed by School Reporters.

Students from Dormers Wells High School in Middlesex have been busy creating a TV package on how the recession has affected their town, a radio bulletin on the latest school news and on graffiti crime in their area.

For their radio bulletin, the School Report team are interviewing other pupils in the school about their views on the relaxation of condom advertising and more advice being provided on abortions.

Working as a team

School Reporters from Dormers Wells High School
The School Reporters are making their stories for TV and radio

The big news for Dormers Wells at the moment is that the school is gearing up for the Regional Mock Court Trial competition.

Their team have just won the first round of the regional heats and so pupils have been finding out how the preparation is going - and whether the teams and teachers involved are nervous. They are!

Chris from Year 9 said that School Report day has been quite fun so far as everyone has worked as a team and got to know each other a bit better.

He also says he's looking forward to interviewing a group of girls about how they raised over £200 for Comic Relief by wearing pyjamas all day. His report is going into their radio bulletin.


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