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Teachers challenged on sport options

Holly Colvin, left, and Nicky Shaw celebrate
England's women won the ICC Cricket World Cup last week

Two Cambridgeshire schools are calling teachers to account as they investigate girls' sporting opportunities.

Year 8 girls at City of Ely Community College and Witchford Village College are reporting on success for local sportswomen in cycling and cricket, and finding out how it might affect them.

"We don't get to play cricket, we have to play rounders, and we have to play netball instead of football," said school reporter Lia.

"We're going to interview the Head of PE, and a male and female teacher to see if their views differ."

Lia admitted her interview with the Head of PE could be controversial as her team call the school's policies into question, but she added: "Hopefully it will be okay!"

School privacy

Students from the two schools are also investigating the use of CCTV cameras in schools and classrooms, and preparing a report on the negative effects of cannabis use.

They are finding out how a careers event could help people trying to get jobs.

Jamie is working on the CCTV story and has been planning his report.

"We're going to try to link it to children's privacy in school and how it can affect children," he said.

"We're going to interview some pupils and maybe a teacher and get their views."


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