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Editor's review of student news

Schoo Reporters at Filey School in  in North Yorkshire
Filey School Reporters celebrate at the end of News Day

BBC journalists review a selection of web pages dedicated to School Report and pick out some of their favourite news items.

Reaching for the stars in Dudley

The High Arcal School students covered a special space day held at the school earlier this week and produced colourful written articles with good pictures for the website. Their video report on the day included lively footage from various space-related activities going on, and interviews with teachers and pupils. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Robert Peston is Mr Darcy in Middlesbrough

School Reporters at Macmillan Academy in Middlesbrough put together a series of reports including stories on a West African miracle fruit, a TV report on an Alzheimer breakthrough, the gloomy prospects for north east Premiership football clubs and a very impressive television report on the recession. The latter included a priceless "out-take" of BBC Business editor, Robert Peston's reaction on being told he was a modern day Mr Darcy! See these reports and others on the school's website .

Increasing numbers of people speaking French in Oldham

School Reporters on the Oldham City Learning Centre's bulletin focused on knife crime, the growing number of French-speaking pupils in local schools and the threat to the future of Sats exams. The pupils showed no fear in covering "hard news" topics, and did well to secure an interview with an employee of a factory which had been subject to an armed raid. All pupils featured in the bulletins appeared confident on-screen. See these reports and others on the CLC's website .

Schoo Reporters at The Derby High School in Bury p
This blazer cost 12 from the market, but is it Fairtrade?

Child poverty uncovered in Bury

School Reporters at The Derby High School in Bury presented reports about the emergence of Fairtrade fashion products, child poverty and schools around the world. For their television report, pupils used imaginative video techniques and graphics to breathe life into stories, which featured good interviews and references to statistics. The radio bulletin carried in-depth interviews on interesting alternative topics. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Drinking water at school investigated in St Albans

School Reporters at Townsend Church of England School reported on a variety of issues affecting life at their school, including access to drinking water, littering and a report and slideshow on lessons at Heathlands, the school for the hearing impaired which shares some of Townsend's facilities. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Being a forces child in Germany

School reporters at Gloucester School in Germany conducted surveys on fellow pupils about three topics: Jade Goody's fame, being the child of someone in the armed forces, and the recession. This gave their video reports good grounding and structure. The reports have vox pops of other pupils, pictures and music. The piece about being a "Forces child" was a really interesting insight into this lifestyle from the view of the young people themselves. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Looking at footballers' worth in Birmingham

School Reporters at King Edward VII impressed with a wide range of methods to report their stories and the website had a good range of interesting stories. "The cost of football" report utilised an audio slide-show format to answer important questions about how much footballers are worth. See these reports and others on the school's website .

The history of PE in Northumberland

School Reporters at Bedlington Community High School and West Sleekburn Middle School in Northumberland reported on a wide variety of topics, all of which related to their school, giving the report a local flavour. There was a good range between straight reports and interviews with staff, friends and family which took the form of both video and text based interviews. All of the reports showed a lot of hard work and research, particularly with finding appropriate contributors to interview. The report "Video Games - Risk an Early Death" report provided a good historical perspective on PE lessons and examples of types of PE lessons in other countries, before linking back nicely to the issue of using video games in schools. Dan's school weather report was particularly good, and was aided by his use of graphics and photographs of the conditions outside. See these reports and others on the school's website .

School Reporters from the Ridgeway School in Swindon
Ridgeway radio reporters make use of the BBC Bus' equipment.

What it's like to play for Swindon Town

Students at the Ridgeway School in Swindon produced some lively text and radio reports, including one on Operation Gambia - a project by the school's Year 11s to raise money for a school in Gambia and an interview with a Swindon Town footballer. See these reports and others on the school's website .

How the credit crunch affects families in Coventry

School Reporters at Tile Hill Wood School in Coventry produced a number of radio reports with several of them focusing on the credit crunch, including one discussion on how it is affecting the families of pupils at the school. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Investigating knife crime in London

School Reporters at Colfe's School in London secured an interview with one of the capital's most senior politicians James Cleverly, a former pupil, on the issue of knife crime. This hard-hitting subject was nicely balanced with some good human interest stories about the sporting and artistic exploits of pupils, along with more general interest items of local, national and international news. The audio and video items were recorded, edited and presented in an accomplished manner, while the written reports were well constructed. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Measuring Obama's performance in Birmingham

King Edward VI Five Ways School chose a wide range of stories from a report on Barack Obama's presidency so far, the real life slums of Mumbai, and the crazy world of football finances. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Cannabis use in Cambridgeshire

School Reporters from Witchford Village College and Ely College in Cambridgeshire produced a video news bulletin, choosing an informative look at the effects of cannabis use as their top story. The schools' joint bulletin, presented by three students, also featured a report on CCTV in schools, which managed to be balanced and funny while getting across some important points. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Climbing up the wall in Somerset

Kingsmead School in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, specialised in radio reporting and they appear to have nailed the art of radio. The reporters all asked good, intelligent questions. The school went out into the street and reported what they saw from litter and vandalism to parkour. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Rowing their boats in Wandsworth

Burntwood School reporters in Wandsworth interviewed writer Rommi Smith about her latest project, which brings together Burntwood students and local elderly residents. Zac Efron was the subject of a heated debate, as his new movie hits the cinema screens. With the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race coming up this weekend, the reporters made a visit to the school's rowing club and spoke to former Olympic rower Phil Simmons about the image of rowing. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Ghost ships in Stockton-on-Tees

School Reporters at Conyers School in Stockton-on-Tees produced well-constructed reports on important local issues such as the expansion of a Tesco supermarket, dismantling of contaminated ships on Teesside and the creation of a new park. The items were well-filmed, with good use of panning and zooming techniques, and the young journalists ensured their reports were balanced through good choice of relevant interviewees. See these reports and others on the school's website .

The paranormal in Bury

School Reporters at Tottingham High School in Bury presented an in-depth interview with teenagers about how they are portrayed in the Media, a feature on a school band, a web report on Sats and an amusing investigation into paranormal activity in the school. The pupils' hard work is evident in all the reports and their enthusiasm for the day is summed up in a video item in which they give their feedback on making news and working together to a deadline. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Vandalism in Yorkshire

School Reporters at Filey School in Yorkshire put together a very impressive TV news bulletin. The lead item was about Lenny Henry starring in Othello. The reporters reflected their local community, highlighting the problem of vandalism, for which they interviewed a policeman. The icing on the cake was the weather report - complete with great weather symbols. See these reports and others on the school's website .

School Reporters from Ambrose Barlow High School in Swinton, Lancashire
Four schools worked together at St Ambrose to produce a radio bulletin

Flash mobs in Swinton

Pupils at St Ambrose Barlow RC High School in Swinton, Lancashire, have produced colourful items for their website, which also show what was happening at their school on School Report News Day. There is space for comments too, which is great. A nice use of pictures and video create a lively picture of what was going on. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Sir Terry Pratchett in Hounsdown

School Reporters from Hounsdown School interviewed author Sir Terry Pratchett, who opened their library. The St George's Day report was very well illustrated and all the reporters working on it were very confident and didn't appear to be reading scripts. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Drugs in sport investigated in Cheshire

Hartford High School in Northwich, Cheshire, is a specialist languages and sports school, and sport was the theme for the School Reporters. The students highlighted four issues which are all very topical: drugs in sport, including an interview with a Warrington Wolves player, the role of women in sport, nature versus nurture, and the London Olympics 2012. They are all contentious issues but the arguments are well laid out, with both sides represented fairly. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Boxing lessons in schools are investigated in Manchester

Should boxing be reintroduced to the school PE curriculum? That's the question investigated by reporters at Burnage Media Arts College - boxing was brought back to their PE lessons last September. They filmed a boxing lesson and interviewed their PE teacher Colin Murphy. They also spoke to their head teacher Ian Fenn and got the views of students at their college. See this report and others on the school's website .

School Reporters from Nab Wood School in West Yorkshire
Nab Wood were well prepared for News Day after a dress rehearsal

Police asked about anti-truancy plan in West Yorkshire

School Reporters at Nab Wood School in West Yorkshire present a discussion of the day's newspapers and other news, and a report on truancy that saw students interviewing a policeman out on the beat. A highlight of the bulletin was a vox-pop in which students asked a range of people for their views on Spandau Ballet's decision to reform. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Australian forest fires investigated in Whittlesey

School Reporters at Sir Harry Smith Community College reported on how Whittlesey firemen have been raising money to help people in their namesake town in Australia to help the recovery from the bush fires that have affected many homes and families. So far they have raised £6,000 for Australia's fire disaster relief fund, which they hope to add to in the near future. Back in February a massive bush fire swept across the district. The epicentre of this massive disaster was in the south of Australia, Victoria, in the town of Whittlesea, where more than 100 people died. There have been links between Whittlesey, UK, since the Second World War when Australian citizens generously helped out by sending parcels of food to Whittlesey's weary soldiers returning from the front line. See this report and others on the school's website .

Antarctica's link with Norfolk

The "Geog-gers" at Frammingham Earl High School have a live web chat with scientists in Antarctica. They have added to their central story with a student quiz, a penguin fact file and a web report on Glaciers and Antarctica's unfortunate events. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Elvis lives in Ghana, Leicester school reveals

Hamilton Community College has many international links and this was well reflected in School Reporters' choice of topic and reporting. During a powerful interview, Elvis, a friend of the school who runs an orphanage in Ghana, spoke about how HIV and AIDS affect children there. Pupils also interviewed the cultural attaché to the US Embassy, Mr Mark Lanning. See these reports and others on the school's website .

School Reporters from t Craigholme School in Glasgow
Craigholme's week long weather report was recorded in the park

Women in the spotlight in Glasgow

School reporters at Craigholme School in Glasgow concentrate on the achievement of women to mark International Women's Month. They interview Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister of Scotland, and the local MSP who talked about her journey to becoming a politician. Nicole, a student in Year 2, was interviewed about being second best in Scotland for her age at skiing. School Reporters also investigated the legacy of Jade Goody for a local cervical cancer charity. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Students ask 'am I normal?' in Leeds

Benton Park School showed real dedication to School Report, creating a wide variety of reports from topics of national importance such as job losses due to the recession, to their school's visit to their partner school in South Africa. There was also an interesting review section of local cafes and a well written opinion piece about the local countryside. This variety of articles gave a good balance to the report. The online video bulletin was particularly impressive, featuring international, national, regional and sports news with different presenters for each, and all were very calm and collected and gave a good delivery of their respective news bulletins. Particularly outstanding was the final piece in the report, entitled "Am I Normal?" which featured students transforming from their school uniforms into their own clothes, with words they'd chosen to describe themselves written around them, creating some great insights into the different types of identities students feel are available to them. See these reports and others on the school's website .

The Homecoming in Midlothian

Lasswade High School in Midlothian reported on rugby, Gordon Brown and The Homecoming - a calendar of events celebrating Scotland's rich culture. See these reports and more on the school's website .

School dinners reported in Leicester

School Reporters at Leicester Montessori Grammar School produced a ten-minute radio news programme. School dinners was the topic of the top story followed by sports coverage about footballer Steve Walsh. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Ghost hunting in Blackburn

At Blakewater College in Blackburn, students talk to a ghost hunter and ask him what a ghost looks like. They also investigated the problems associated with setting up sports clubs for children. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Exams put under the spotlight in Nottingham

Arnold High school students in Nottingham present their School Report Bulletin. The news begins with the news that Sats may be abolished. See this report and others on the school's website .

School students skip a year in Oldbury

Oldbury College has made the decision for Year 8 students to skip a year and go straight into year 10. Students investigate why the school has decided to make this move and what impact it will have on the students. See this report and others on the school's website .

A teenager's guide to the credit crunch in Cornwall

Students at Heston Community college investigate the stories behind fairtrade products and give a teenagers' guide to the credit crunch. See these reports and others on the school's website .

School Reporters from Hampton School in Richmondwith BBC News presenter Kasia Madera
Hampton students research Rwanda with presenter Kasia Madera

The impact of the Rwandan genocide investigated in Richmond

Students at Hampton School in Richmond did some in-depth reporting on the ongoing impact of the Rwandan genocide. It's obviously something the students care passionately about, and have done a lot of research on. They have launched their own website, and had messages from all over the world, and it works well when they read these out in the report. They've also secured some great interviews through their campaign, for example a survivor, two journalists who covered the genocide and the director of a charity that helps survivors to find out more. The film itself was chatty in style which helped engage the viewer, and make them interested in the issues. See this report and others on the school's website .

Child Soldiers reported on from Clackmannanshire

School Reporters from Alva Academy, Clackmannanshire, investigated the humanitarian crisis in Northern Uganda. Children from as young as six are being abducted and trained as soldiers, fighting and killing instead of being in school like other children. They also talk to a yoga master who teaches the health and psychological benefits of practising yoga all over the world. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Teenage pregnancies in Bradford

Immanuel College in Bradford presented a very impressive array of stories on their website, all of which were colourfully illustrated and presented in a positive way. They covered teenage pregnancies, the British tourist killed by pirates in Thailand and more upbeat features, including the school production of Oliver, the fantastic artwork of student Jade and the Formula One preview. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Footballers act as role models in Bristol

School Reporters from Bristol reported from Bristol Rovers on Football and the local community. The director for administration spoke about how footballers act as good role models. The chairman, Nick Higgs, spoke about the plans for the future which include a new stadium and a place within the Championship within three years. He also explained how he wants the club to be a local club developing local talent. See this report and others on the school's website .

School funding crisis in Blackpool

School Reporters at Collegiate High School in Blackpool put together a very professional-looking package which focused on a number of serious issues which were relevant to pupils, including teenage pregnancy and concerns over school and college funding plans. The pupils delivered their scripts with aplomb and did particularly well to secure several interviews with contributors who were relevant, could speak with authority and would be exactly the type of people viewers could expect to see on their local news. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Money in football discussed in Manchester

School Reporters working at the Bluezone Study Centre made a mixture of video and radio reports, all focusing on the worlds of football and sport. As the centre where they meet is linked with Manchester City FC, they have used this to secure great guests, including ex City player Earl Barrett, who talks about money in football. In fact there are some really good interviews to make the pieces seem well informed and lively, such as using a guest from Manchester museum talking about rising ticket prices. Graphics and music helped keep the viewers attention. See these reports and others on the City Learning Centre's website .

Nintendo reviewed in South Shields

School Reporters at Harton Technology College in South Shields covered a variety of topics, including the launch of the new Nintendo handheld console, missing Yorkshire chef Claudia Lawrence, and an interview with the school's head teacher. Harton's tradition of producing weekly video reports clearly paid dividends in a very professional video bulletin, confidently presented, with superb use of graphics. See these reports and others on the school's website .

New school uniforms in Brixham

School Reporters at Churston Ferrers Grammar School in Brixham reported on the area's high-levels of teenage pregnancy, efforts to introduce healthy options to the school dinner menu and the prospect of a new school uniform. A quirky outside broadcast gave the weather a fun feel. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Sweets make kids in Bishops Stortford grow

Students at The Hertfordshire and Essex High School, Bishops Stortford, report on the recent snow, Simon Cowell and Primark. Other video reports include one on how sweets apparently help children grow and the film Twilight. See these reports and others on the school's website .

School Reporters at Top Valley School and Engineering College  in Nottingham
A bog body expert provides the facts at Top Valley School

Iconic artwork in Nottingham

School Reporters at Top Valley School and Engineering College worked with the team at East Midlands Today to put together reports about commissioning an iconic artwork for Nottingham, public opinion on school uniforms and bodies buried in bogs, during which they talked to a professor at Nottingham Trent University. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Trinity High School, Glasgow has a new building

School reporters at Trinity High School, Glasgow, have made a film to celebrate the opening of their new school building. After two years of being in temporary accommodation, the students are very excited about their new state of the art accommodation. In the film, the students explore what impact the new building will have on the learning experience. See this report and others on the school's website .

The effect of the Olympics in London

The Charter School in London looked at the effect of the 2012 Olympics and had interviews on the subject with Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy and Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell. They also looked at how many hours of PE secondary are offered to secondary school pupils. They surveyed pupils about the credit crunch and enlisted the help of the Maths department for an analysis of the results. See these reports and others on the school's website .

The impact of computer games examined in Finchley

Year 7 School Reporters from the Wren Academy in North Finchley, London, focused on the phenomenon of video games as their top story, asking whether games were good or bad for students. Their video bulletin also included an excellently-filmed report on school meals, and they made good use of presenters in a number of locations, including their School Report newsroom. See these reports and others on the school's website .

Cervical cancer reported in Chiswick

School Reporters at Chiswick Community School reported on the rise in cervical cancer awareness following the death of Jade Goody. A detailed report into Sats is followed by a report into sea level rises.

See these reports and more on the school's website .

Cyber-bullying in London

George Green's School in London did a very informative TV report on cyber-bullying, highlighting the work of the school's anti-bullying committee. There was also a fun piece on Red Nose Day, showing a teacher bravely receiving a custard pie in the face for charity. See these reports and more on the school's website .

A School Reporter at Wells High School in Southall
Good script writing requires concentration at Dormers Wells

Graffiti in Southall

Dormers Wells High School in Southall investigated how the recession has affected the local area. They interviewed many local people and pupils to discover their views and created a TV News Package as well as a radio broadcast. The radio bulletin featured a fantastic selection of interviews with teachers and pupils on current school news. They discussed graffiti, Comic Relief and the school's entrance to the Regional Mock Court Trial competition. See these reports and otehrs on the school's website .

PM interviewed and prejudice tackled in Middlesex

School Reporters from Park High School in Middlesex interviewed a host of famous people including Gordon Brown, Michael Palin and MP Tony McNulty. They also reported on advertisement proposals for abortion clinics, carbon emissions, Comic Relief, Formula 1, Facebook, TV show The Apprentice, the effect of the recession in Harrow, size zero models and Tiger Woods. A report on the how Barack Obama has motivated teenagers to take part in a "Black Boys Can" programme is well structured and contains several pertinent quotes from participants. One Year 11 student says: "My grandparents and mum, who were from Jamaica, found it rough when they came over here because of the racism and they found it hard to survive on what they were being paid", adding that the school programme "helped me believe that I can do great things, like Obama's done". See these reports and more on the school's website .

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Animated news in Worcestershire

Students at Pershore High School produced a lively mix of stories about their school and the wider world. The stories on the website were well-written with sharp copy laid out in short paragraphs, making them easy to read online. Using an interactive whiteboard as the backdrop to their video bulletin, students projected images, including an animated cartoon of two newsreaders, behind the presenters, bringing their reports to life. See these reports on the school's website .

Comparing chicken farms in Dorset

School Reporters at The Gryphon School in Sherborne investigated the issues involved in rearing chickens. Students filmed a visit to a free range farm and a broiler house to compare farming methods and asked members of the public for their opinion. In addition, young reporters followed a fellow student into her singing competition, interviewed politicians about the plans for a new educational timetable and researched the School's Recycling process. See these reports and others on the school's website .

CCTV in Lancashire classrooms

Young reporters at Park High School in Colne produced a strong radio news bulletin with a good mix of stories, including one on CCTV in schools - a current issue for schools in Salford - where they interviewed teachers with different views on the subject. See these reports and others on the school's website .


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