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I'm a Square - so there!

By Isobel
The Corbet School, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Isobel from the Corbet School in Shrewsbury is square and proud of it

I am a Square and proud of it. Being a Square means enjoying school, putting lots of effort into my homework, making sure it's always in on time, respecting my teachers and participating in class.

I carry my books in a sensible rucksack, I play in the school orchestra and I go to the lunchtime Reading Club. And to confirm my Square status, I am also a school librarian and so in my break-times I go and put books away, tidy shelves and generally help out in the library.

Other than that, I'm just a normal 13-year-old. I go to the cinema, I go shopping with my friends, I love clothes, bags and shoes and I love my iPod.

To most people, being a Square is apparently a bad thing and something to be avoided at all costs. But I love it because it's completely individual and far more interesting than trying to be cool. What could possibly be better than being myself and not pretending to be someone I'm not?

Besides, what is cool about carrying your PE kit in a plastic bag instead of a kit bag so that all your stuff gets wet when it rains? Or plastering inches of orange make-up on so you look like you've been "tangoed" every morning? And what about those wacky hairstyles? This is a school, not auditions for Hairspray. There really is nothing cool about being cool.

Smashing the school record

That is why when people call me a Square I simply answer: "Yes, I am". I don't take offence when they say it because I'm proud to be who I am. If people say that I'm a geek or a nerd I simply reply: "No, I think you'll find I'm a Square".

I'm not ashamed to be me, and I don't hide it. Why wouldn't I love being a square?

I genuinely enjoy all my lessons, especially English, Art, French and History. I really like reading too, so being a librarian is great. I get good grades generally and I got the most T+ merit awards last year - in fact I smashed the school record and won more than £30 in gift vouchers.

I get a huge sense of achievement out of being a Square. I'm not ashamed to be me, and I don't hide it. Why wouldn't I love being a Square?

School is just the first step towards our future and what we do now could make all the difference later. So I'm going to try hard and put in the effort and then I will have the best possible chance of the future and job I really want.

Is it cool to be cool? No, it's hip to be square.


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