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Army views on war games

By Lauren, Elisha, Ellis and Oscar
School Reporters, Hounsdown Secondary School, Southampton

Are war games realistic?

On Thursday 12 March, we visited the Ministry of Defence in Aldershot. We interviewed some of the soldiers and other members of the Army. We did not know what to expect from the barracks and were very excited about the visit.

School Reporters filmed their trip to Aldershot barracks
School Reporters filmed their trip to Aldershot barracks

As part of the BBC News School Report we were invited to interview four members of the army - a soldier, chef, mechanic and a communication specialist.

We went there to find out a little more about their background and what their job involves and why they think their jobs are important. We were also interested as to whether games like Call of Duty give an accurate depiction of war and whether the soldiers agreed with them being used.

We did a lot of interesting things that day; for example Lauren and Elisha started by interviewing the communications specialist. They got to use the radio head-set and we found out about how to use it.

A lot in common

School Reporters interviewing an army chef
School Reporters sampled army food

Whilst Oscar and Ellis were interviewing the chef, they got to try some of the food that she had made, which Ellis said was delicious. We also found out that their favourite food is burgers and chips, so we have a lot in common.

Elisha and Lauren then had the opportunity to interview the mechanic and it was impressive to watch them reverse the huge truck out and in of such a tiny space. Ellis and Oscar completed the interviews with an infantry soldier who had been to Afghanistan.

Call of Duty

Most of the soldiers said they had played Call of Duty and did not think they were a real problem - but it would be nice to see the other roles highlighted in these games.

At the end of the day we had learnt not only about the soldiers and the army itself but about all the hard work and technology needed to create an interesting report.

We had a great day reporting at the MoD in Aldershot, and can't wait for our next BBC School Report experience.

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