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School Report school tops tables

Simply the best
By Matt, Elspeth, Emily and Oliver
School Reporters, Park Community School, Havant

School Reporters from Park Community School, Havant
Matt, Elspeth, Emily and Oliver with deputy head Bob Carter

Park Community School in Leigh Park has become the number one school in England based on their Contextual Value Added (CVA) score from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 in 2008.

The CVA score indicates how much progress students have made since joining the school.

Leigh Park has always been known for its bad reputation, but now that Park Community is top of the list, people's opinions will have to change.

About 10 years ago, the school was nearing closure, however throughout the years it has been steadily improving.

The pupils of Park Community School are very excited.

Park specialises in Performing Arts, Science and Maths.

Part of the pupils' success is due to the range of facilities, such as television and radio studios, a dance studio, a fitness suite, plus highly equipped classrooms.

Some of the pupils have shared their views:

five good GCSEs with English and maths: 47.6%
girls: 52.3%
boys: 43.2%
community schools: 44.8%
academies: 35.6%
less than 30% in 440 open schools

Oliver, 13, said: "The school has improved, and now we're top of the list, all we have to do is keep up the excellent work, and continue to be brilliant!"

Matthew, 15, said: "Now we've done it, everyone will be so happy, we'll get even better."

Emily, 14, said: "We are very happy to be working with BBC News School Report, and this is a very exciting time for us."

Elspeth, 14, said: "There are many opportunities in Park, including San Francisco trips and performing around the world in countries such as Belgium."

Deputy head teacher, Bob Carter, said: "I am not only really pleased for the school, but also for the community. It is such an achievement."

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