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Students' synchronised interview

By Matt, Will and Adam from Homewood School, Kent
Olympic School Reporters, Beijing

Australian women's synchronised swimming team

On Monday we went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City with the rest of the partner schools. Whilst out in the Forbidden City, we came across 5 Australian athletes and saw this as a perfect opportunity to get an interview.

We simply asked if we could interview them about their Olympic experience and they were more than happy enough to participate. The athletes were Synchronised Swimmers. Their names were Eloise Amberger, Tarren Otte, Sarah Bombell, Sam Reid, Tamika Domrow. One of the athletes (Eloise) took control of the answering the questions and the others just stayed in the back, added comments and laughed.

Will: How much training do you do?
Eloise: Normally we do about 9 hours a day as a team in the water and extra fitness training on top of that.

Matt: What does your training involve and what is it like?
Eloise: It is very intense and very tricky. We do a lot of 'synchro' drills on top of a lot of fitness work. A lot of swimming fitness, land fitness and cardio work.

Matt: How are you adapting to the conditions in China?
Eloise: We are slowly getting used to the weather, it isn't that bad.

Adam: What are the venue and facilities like in China?
Eloise: Inside the pool is great, the facilities are fantastic.

Adam: Is this your first time in China and are you enjoying it?
Eloise: Yes it is, and it's fantastic, the people are so welcoming. It is such an amazing experience.

Will: What did you think of the opening ceremony?
All: It was absolutely fantastic, amazing, and very hot.

Matt: Is this your first Olympics?
Eloise: Yes this our first Olympics as a team

Adam: Do you think you will go to 2012 in London?
Eloise: We probably won't be around then, but we will have to see what happens. It is too far away to tell.
Sam: We will probably have retired (laughs)

Matt: When does your event start?
Eloise: Not until the 22nd, you better be watching (laughs)

The athletes were very co-operative, and I think enjoyed the idea of being interviewed by us. After the interview, our school wanted pictures for their records, the athletes also used their own cameras and had their pictures taken with us as well.