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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 March 2008, 14:04 GMT
Budget drives questions for staff

Teachers are being grilled about their car use by students in Norfolk.

School reporters from Northgate High School are interviewing teachers in the school car park after being inspired by the Budget announcements about green car taxes.

“We are an eco-friendly school so my friend Kerry and I thought this would make a good story for us,” says Charlotte, 14.

"The government is putting up car taxes for bigger cars.

“Most teachers drive to school so we will be asking them if the changes will make a difference to them.”

The school recently had a "Big Switch" week when they tried to switch off as many lights as possible.


In a hectic day, the students have been filming their stories as well as writing them up.

They also looked at the issue of cyber-bullying and of littering - prompted by a local story about a woman who had been fined for throwing an apple core out of her car window.

Emily said: "It's been a really good experience.

"I like the fact you can work on the cameras and to deadlines."

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