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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 March 2008, 11:38 GMT
Spitfire riddle is plane exciting
A city synonymous with the legendary Spitfire aircraft is planning a monument to the great plane.

The only problem is - where to put it.

Plans for the memorial in its home city of Southampton are being kept under wraps, and pupils at St George Catholic College in Southampton are publicising the issue on their website.

They have been gathering information on the WWII aircraft, which was designed by one of the city's most famous residents, RJ Mitchell, who, while not born in the area, had long associations with it.

One of the boys, James, 12, explained: "It is important locally because it was designed here. They are thinking of putting up a memorial to it and are trying to decide where it should go."


It's not just aircraft that have been interesting the St George boys - a visit to Marwell Zoo, just a few miles outside the city, has taught them of the value of animal conservation.

Kieran, 13, said: "We interviewed a zookeeper, Bill Hall, and we found out why conservation is important. Some of the animals are going to become extinct."

A video and podcast of School Report activities are planned for the school's website.

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