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Last Updated: Monday, 19 November 2007, 10:32 GMT
Grange Hill cast quizzed by pupils
Students from Park High School in Birkenhead on the Grange Hill set

Seven young reporters visited the set of the children's drama Grange Hill in Liverpool as part of BBC News School Report.

Reporters from Park High School in Birkenhead wanted to know whether the drama, celebrating the 30th series this year, was as relevant today as it had been in 1978.

They were given exclusive access to the set at Lime Hill Productions, home to BBC's Grange Hill and the Channel 4 teen drama Hollyoaks.

The day before the set visit, a BBC mentor helped students devise questions to put to the Grange Hill cast and crew, and a script for their own presenters.

They were soon to learn however that in the world of journalism, flexibility is an important skill to possess.

The original script had to be re-written about four more times and the School Reporters had to work around the team filming the series on set.

Shaking with nerves

They were shown around by a press officer who organised for the reporters to have lunch with the cast and crew before recording their own report.

Alisha began by explaining about the history of the series.

Students from Park High School in Birkenhead on the Grange Hill set
Students devised questions for the cast and crew
Sarah, who interviewed Grange Hill's Jack, was so nervous beforehand, she was shaking.

Classmate Alix also interviewed characters Alex and Josh about their jobs.

Moutaz and Rhys worked hard on the questions for the Grange Hill producer, David Hanson.

They held the interview in the Grange Hill chemistry lab and asked him why there were not more hard-hitting storylines.

Some of the students asked Mr Hanson if they could become extras on the set. They are keeping their fingers crossed.

School Reporters on Radio Merseyside

Behind the scenes of Grange Hill


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