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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007, 15:54 GMT
Sea cadets react to sailor deaths
The story of how two British sailors died aboard the submarine HMS Tireless was a natural one for School Reporters at Dartmouth College to cover.

Pupil filming at Dartmouth
School Reporters filmed at Britannia Royal Naval College
Andy, aged 13, interviewed Year 7 sea cadets to find out how the accident involving sailors from neighbouring Devonport made them feel.

One cadet told him they were very sad because two very brave sailors had died.

Andy is doing a live "two-way" interview with School Report presenter Adam discussing how pupils feel about the accident and how experts think it happened.

Coincidentally, the students had already prepared a TV feature about life at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, which they have decided to link with the story.

Commodore Tim Harris told them the naval college, which currently has about 1,000 students, has a promising future.

He also said his favourite part of being a sailor is "when the boat is leaving the dock - knowing that he is independent".

Andy said: "I'm trying not to be stressed out before I go on air. I think it's a good story because we have the Britannia Royal Naval College nearby."

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