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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007, 13:33 GMT
Time on air for good behaviour
Pupils practise in front of a camera
Year 8 pupils have been learning how to present in front of a camera
A so-called failing school which was transformed in record time is reaping the rewards for the endeavours of staff and pupils.

Year 8 children at Duston School in Northampton have been whisked into BBC radio studios for live interviews and had experts teaching them the secrets of broadcasting while preparing for their own web broadcasts later today.

Teacher Louise Symonds says their lead story is the visit of an American delegation which pioneered the behavioural system that the school now employs.

Since Duston introduced Consistency Management and Co-operative Discipline, the number of discipline problems and exclusions has fallen significantly.

Special measures

It is based on the idea of positive praise, practised by many schools around the world but by few in the UK.

Miss Symonds said a new management team, under head teacher Jane Herriman was brought in by the government after it was put on "special measures", and the tag was removed again within 14 weeks - a record, according to the teacher.

CMCD uses the principle that consistent and positive treatment produces positive behaviour.

Miss Symonds said: "The school used to have lots of despondent children, but we have given them a new focus.

"The new system is certainly working. There is a huge difference."

Good behaviour

Some of the pupils who were at the school when it was introduced more than a year ago agree.

Lauren, 12, said: "We get pink cards for good behaviour and Model Citizen cards."

Charlotte, 13, added: "I behave better now because if you don't, you get a big consequence - like a detention."

More than 30 Year 8 pupils have been taking part, presenting news to camera, with special focus on how the children have raised more than 2,000 for Comic Relief.

Pupils explain what CMCD is

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