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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007, 14:19 GMT
Pupils win pledge on facilities
Ryan interviews Marlyn Kerby
Marlyn Kerby is interviewed by student reporter Bradley
Students have extracted a promise from a local council and the police to consult them in future about play facilities on a housing estate.

Children on the Longridge estate have been complaining that they have nothing to do and nowhere to play, and this leads to antisocial behaviour and crime.

Improving relations

Bradley and Ryan, who both live on the estate said: "There's nothing to do. They just ripped out the benches to extend the car park. We need somewhere to sit and chill out and talk but not get into mischief."

Children from at Knutsford High School who are taking part in the BBC School Report interviewed the community development officer from Macclesfield borough council, Marlyn Kerby and Cheshire Police inspector Chris Morell.

Bradley gives his views on the lack of facilities

The children suggested to both of them that they should be given the opportunity to express their views, perhaps by talking regularly to the police and the council about local issues.

The idea was well-recieved and both promised to engage the children in more dialogue in the future.

The children also recorded Marlyn Kerby talking to children on the estate about making improvements to a local skateboarding park.

Student reporter Charlotte said: "We took Marlyn to the after-school club and already there were ideas starting that they would like to do more things like that, to get children and the adults talking, so they wouldn't have such a big barrier between them.

"If we could have more conversations like this in the future and if the adults actually do something about it, with the help of schools like Knutsford, perhaps the future for children growing up on estates like Longridge will be brighter."

Knutsford School children tackle local issues
"We can work together"


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