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What the world thinks of God
Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 15:20 GMT
Levels of religious belief and activity in the UK are among the lowest around the world, according to a BBC poll carried out in 10 countries.
In graphics
Personal views
Faith and belief
How people pray
Views of the afterlife
War and religion

President Bush and Saddam Hussein recently invoked God's help in war. What is the link between war and religion?
The Poet Laureate expresses his faith against a biblical backdrop of bereavement, transcendence and revelation.
Aspects of faith from around the world and the recurring theme of nature brought together in graphic images.

The profound influence of religion on American society and politics is explained by Dr Richard Land.
Hinduism is a powerful force in popular culture influencing fashion accessories and even mobile phone ring tones.
Do you believe in God? What does worship mean to you? Read your comments and watch our online forum.

Professor of sociology Jim Beckford analyses the rise of new age religions taking the place of Christianity.
Anglican evangelical churches have been trying to change their image to help reach young people.
An inner city perspective on lslam at work in the fight against crime and drug abuse within communities.

Cardinal Francis Arinze on the basis of his faith and how God influences his life.
Indarjit Singh, editor of the Sikh Messenger, turns the programme on its head.
Read more about the event, the questions it asks and how you can join in.


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