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Last Updated: Friday, 17 June 2005, 16:51 GMT 17:51 UK
Sticmatz gets going

When Matt Aitkenhead's specs flew out of the car window - it sparked an idea and Sticmatz was the result.

It's just a very sticky mat for the dashboard.

It'll stop things getting lost.

It might be keys, specs or any of the other things which you need at hand in the car.

When Matt touted his idea about, others thought it was a good idea too.

The Prince's Trust and HSBC provided funding to help him to develop the product.

He then won an award which gave him time and support to set up the business.

Just think...

How did people help Matt to get his business going?

Why do you think it's difficult to turn a new idea into product for the market?

From prototype to product

Matt had a prototype which people liked but it was not yet a product that he could take to Tesco, Asda and people who run shops on garage forecourts.

The award that Matt received helped him to look at the product from their point of view.

What would it take to persuade them to buy Sticmatz?

They are offered thousands of new products a year so what would make his stand out?

  • He needed marketing material
  • He needed packaging to make the product look good
  • He needed point of sale material to stand on the shelf or counter

    Just think...

    Why was marketing material, packaging and point of sale material so important in persuading Tesco and other stores to take Sticmatz?

    What other factors do you think these companies were looking for in Matt's product?

    How do you think Matt's product appeal's to the shops' customers?

    Being an entrepreneur

    Matt had just completed a degree in industrial design so he knew a bit about what it takes to create a product and get it made but his expertise did not stretch to running a business.

    It wasn't what he expected to be doing so soon but there was help at hand.

    "The Enterprise Fellowship Award certainly bought me the time I needed, but it also gave me the confidence to continue developing my product when it would have been easy to give up," says Matt.

    "I found the business courses excellent and the experts inspiring.

    "They helped me believe I was a serious businessman capable of taking my product and business forward," adds Matt.

    Just think...

    What do you think Matt means when he says:

    "They helped me believe I was a serious businessman capable of taking my product and business forward."?

    What do you think they taught him?

    What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?


    Sticmatz have sold like hot cakes.

    Sales are doubling every month.

    It's all going faster than Matt ever dreamed.

    At 4.99, lots of people are prepared to try it out.

    A successful business doesn't stop at one product - so what else can you do with a very sticky mat?!

    Just think...

    How do you think the price affects sales?

    What pricing strategy do you think Matt has used on Sticmatz?

    What other products might he develop from his sticky mat concept?


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