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Last Updated: Friday, 1 April, 2005, 08:27 GMT 09:27 UK
On this page we will try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

When is the programme broadcast?
Golden Years will be broadcast every afternoon from Monday, 11 April, 2005 to Friday, 15 April, 2005 at 1455 BST on BBC Two.

Can I get copies of programmes on VHS?
You can order VHS copies of Golden Years films that have been broadcast.

For personal use, they can be obtained by sending a request to:

This World
(Video request)
Room 1362
BBC White City
W12 7TS

There is a cost of 25 for the VHS (in UK standard format PAL), but for customers living in countries where NTSC format is required, the cost will be 35. Cheques should be made payable to "BBC TV".

There is an extra charge of 5 per tape for shipment outside the United Kingdom.

Please note that videos are made available as a courtesy service, and the BBC is under no obligation to do so. The prices quoted only cover costs - we do not make any profit.

We only accept payment by cheque or postal order. Credit cards cannot be used.

Tapes are dispatched within 2-3 weeks of receipt of a cheque and we are unable to cater for requests for faster delivery.

The price includes postage and packing. We will not accept payment in other currencies. You can go to your bank and ask for a cheque to be made out in pounds sterling. Any bank will do this and may charge a small fee for doing so.

We can sometimes provide copies for educational and training purposes, when they are copyright cleared. These copies cost 125, plus delivery and VAT. You can make requests to us either by post:

BBC Worldwide
Room A3040
80 Wood Lane, London, W12 OTT
Fax: +44 (0)20 8433 2916
Or e-mail:

Can I watch the programme on this site?
Unfortunately, because of rights issues, you cannot watch the Golden Years films on the website.

Why has my comment not been published on the Have Your Say page?
We cannot publish all comments that we receive because of the high volume. However, we aim to publish a good cross-section of the views we receive.

Why has my comment been edited?
The BBC is responsible for all the comments published on the site. Therefore, we have to remove any libellous or potentially libellous statements from messages. We also aim to publish as many comments as possible, and will sometimes shorten statements to make it easier for users to read as many different views as possible.

How can I get hold of a programme transcript?
Programme transcripts of all episodes of Golden Years are published on the website a day or two after transmission.

How can I submit programme ideas?
Programme ideas can be submitted by e-mail to:

or by post to:

The Editor
This World
BBC White City Building
Room 1362
201 Wood Lane London
W12 7TS.

Can you tell me about job opportunities/work experience?
All BBC jobs are advertised on the BBC jobs website. The site also includes information on careers and trainee schemes within the BBC.

All BBC work experience queries should be directed to:

BBC Work Experience
PO Box 27118
London W12 8ZL

Tel: 020 8225 9883



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